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All About The Happy Beavers

Who we are

When we started The Happy Beavers in 2018, we chose to build our lodge in Tallinn, Estonia. At that stage, other business critters thought we’d gone a bit nutty with our plan to move to this northern tip of the EU. But with more than 20,000 beavers living here, we knew we couldn’t be wrong.
Since then, we’ve created a dam good remote company built on the expertise of employees spread across several continents. Our vision to tell our clients’ stories and manage their projects with skill and professionalism has helped us to build a reputation for excellence as leaders in the digital market.


What we offer

Since starting out with a lone freelance translator, our beaver family has grown into a multilingual company that offers translation, copywriting, editing and proofreading services in more than 30 languages. We’ve also put our industrious spirit to good work by helping clients from all over the world manage their projects and get noticed with SEO.
Working with one-of-a-kind Beaver technology, we’re able to streamline our processes and customize content for individual clients to ensure that they get engaging content in almost any language they can think of. Plus, our comprehensive, cost-effective services mean that our solutions will suit any enterprise, big or small.

The Beaver Way


We want to help skilled linguists find flexible work and ensure that companies get high-quality content for reasonable rates


We bundle content creation, SEO and project management to take the stress out of finding multilingual content producers


We use our experience and unique Beaver technology to effectively identify and onboard talented, reliable linguists

Our Beaver Team

The Brainy Beaver

Every Beaver needs a leader – and that’s where Luka comes in. As the Managing Beaver, he keeps things together to keep our Beavers and clients happy.



The Briefing Beaver

Whether it’s managing orders, coordinating our Linguist Beavers, carrying out quality control or making strategic decisions, Liliya ensures that our operations run smoothly.



The Bibliophile Beaver

A content writer whose industrious style saw her become a project manager, Anna handles complex projects to help keep our campaigns and assignments on track.


Project Management

The Busy Beaver

From building business relationships to conducting market research and finding tools to help us work more efficiently, Kateryna is an all-rounder whose flexibility boosts business.


Business Development

The Business Beaver

Business Beaver Tiago’s love of language and hands-on approach mean he excels at guiding sales to engage new clients and build partnerships that help us expand our operations.



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