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Digital Marketing Manager
(Full Time)

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This is what we do

Our international company sells content writing, copywriting, editing, and translation services in multiple languages. We aim to create the next generation of linguistic support for our clients. Using advanced technology combined with human expertise, we create great content, and everything related to it is simple and affordable for everyone, no matter where they are in the world.

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What we are looking for

We are looking to add a Digital Marketing Manager to our beaver family! That means you will be an essential part of The Happy Beavers, in charge of growing our family in the best possible way – by helping us be found by the right kind of clients. Sounds interesting? Keep reading!

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This is what you will be doing

  • You will help to develop our whole company’s marketing strategy. That’s the part where we make these deep strategic decisions about how we handle things longer-term and you will take a major role in that.
  • You will manage our website together with our designer and WordPress developer and make sure it stays as lovely as it is now.
  • You will monitor and optimize our marketing KPIs. There will be a lot of numbers in this job and you might start to see them in your dreams.
  • You will build lead generation funnels and continuously optimize them until we will hit the magic sweet spot of lead generation.
  • You will support our sales team by making the best possible impression in front of potential clients by helping them create material they can use.
  • You will manage what we post on social media so that we continue to impress our followers.
  • You will help to create go-to-market plans for new products we launch.
  • You will become an SEO expert, if you aren’t already, and gain a deep understanding of how content influences rankings.

Your Profile

By the way, we don’t expect you to know all this stuff yourself. You’ll work with a designer, a marketing assistant, a WordPress developer, an SEO expert, and a content writer and your job is mostly to coordinate all these efforts.

And that is how we imagine our future marketing beaver

  • You see yourself as an all-rounder in marketing. You will need to keep the overview, this is not the place to specialize in one direction.
  • You know that creativity in marketing still serves a purpose: reaching numerical goals.
  • You are good, no, excellent with numbers. Get ready to pass an online test for this.
  • You are a “problem-solver” and you don’t see this just as a job ad phrase, but you can argue why this term describes you.
  • Speaking of which – it would be great if you had at least some experience with the tools we use. These are Semrush, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Your IT skills are outstanding. You should be more comfortable on the computer than an average user.
  • We value a deep theoretical foundation in marketing. Ideally, you have a university degree in marketing or something very similar.
  • You are ready to marry a spreadsheet.
  • Your English should be fluent enough to communicate internally and with clients, if needed.
  • When you are asked to learn something you have never heard of, you can’t wait to get started and become an expert.
  •  We are serious about the spreadsheet.
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Why Us

You do not have to have a lot of experience in this if you are willing to go the extra mile and learn all of this fast. Entry-level with a strong theoretical foundation is fine, too, if you can show that you are an exceptionally fast learner.

This is what you get out of it:

  • Remote work – We don’t mind where you are, as long as you’re happy. Our team is spread all over the world.
  • Competitive salary – We compensate our beavers for their expertise, rewarding skill, and experience.
  • Flexible hours – Night owl or an early bird, weekdays or weekends, it’s up to you, as long as the lines of communication are open and we can coordinate.
  • Online bonding – Bond with your team on periodically organized online events!
  • Freedom of ideas – Freely initiate change, suggest improvements, and skyrocket with exciting challenges in our fast-growing digital environment.
  • Learning opportunities – Learning something new is not only a job benefit, but also a constant requirement.
  • Easy-going – Get ready to roll in our casual atmosphere with laid-back communication. We keep it simple!
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