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Who we are

We aim to create linguistic support of the next generation. With the help of advanced technology tools combined with human expertise, we make languages and everything related to them affordable and easy for everyone, worldwide.

Much like a family of beavers, we take care of our own and work diligently for our clients. So could you!

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Our Mission

We are looking to add native XXX-speaking Content Writers, Editors and Translators to our beaver family! That means you will be an essential part of The Happy Beavers, in charge of chomping happily through linguistic tasks for our clients. Sounds interesting? Keep reading!

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Who you are


Content Writer

Writing is your passion, and not just a job. You love researching new topics and have a natural curiosity for everything OR you are very interested in one specific area that you have mastered/are mastering.

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You’ve always loved refining texts and have an eye for spotting the diamond in the rough. You are a stickler for grammar, with an ever-expanding vocabulary, and language errors stick out to you like a sore thumb!



It’s not only about accuracy, it’s about things sounding good as well, and you know that. You have the ability to capture not only the meaning, but also the tone of a text in a foreign language.

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Your Profile

  • You have at least one year of practical experience in content writing, editing, or translations
  • You are diligent and dependable
  • You organize yourself well in order to keep deadlines
  • You are a native speaker of XXX + fluent in English!
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Why us

As our name suggests, we are quite happy, and we like to ensure our part in creating that for anyone who joins our family!

Benefits Include:

  • Remote work – we don’t mind where you are, as long as you’re happy. Our teams are spread all over the world!
  • Competitive salary – we compensate our beavers accordingly and reward skill and experience.
  • Flexible hours – a night owl or an early bird, weekdays or weekends, it’s up to you, as long as we get to coordinate well!
  • Exciting projects that fit your skills
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