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HappyBeavers Linguist
HappyBeavers Linguist
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Who we are

Our international company sells content writing, copywriting, editing, and translation services in multiple languages. We aim to create the next generation of linguistic support for our clients. Using advanced technology combined with human expertise, we make great content and everything related to it simple and affordable for everyone, no matter where they are in the world.
Much like a family of beavers, we take care of our own and work diligently for our clients. So could you!
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Our Mission

We’re always looking for freelancing and part-time wordsmiths in all languages! Whether you’ve got a talent for translation, are an eagle-eyed editor or confident copywriter, you could be a Linguist Beaver. We are looking for candidates with plenty of writing or editing experience with a proven commitment to high-quality outputs. Sounds interesting? Keep reading!

Are you our next...

If you have at least 1 year of practical experience in 1 of the below roles, are diligent and dependable and organized enough to hit deadlines, then we should talk!
  • Content writer? Can you write compelling copy that hits a client brief? Are you a pro at researching new topics when needed, or are you an encyclopaedia of knowledge about one specific subject?
  • Editor? Do mistakes jump out at you, desperate to be fixed? Do you find yourself cringing at grammatical mistakes, spelling errors and typos? Can you refine text to make it sparkle?
  • Translator? Can you do more than just make texts readable? Do you know all of those ‘you wouldn’t say that as a native’ rules? Can you take the lead and ensure the meaning and the tone of a text in your language is spot on?
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The Perks

Benefits include:

  • We are a truly remote company! We don’t mind where you call home (or office!) so long as you’re happy.
  • We pay competitive rates! Our beaver family is paid accordingly, and we reward skill and experience
  • We offer flexible hours! If you like to work daytime, night-time, weekdays or weekends, it’s up to you, so long as we get to coordinate well.
  • We have exciting projects! We have all sorts of work available to suit your skills.
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Join us as we aim to create linguistic support for the next generation. With cutting edge tools and our human expertise, we make languages and everything related to them affordable and easy for everyone, worldwide. Send your application below!
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