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How to Make Money Outsourcing Content Creation: 4 Great Reasons

How to Make Money Outsourcing Content Creation: 4 Great Reasons
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    Outsourcing content creation and copywriting will not only free you from hard work, but it can be profitable. At first sight, this is a surprising statement because it implies a cash outflow. However, if you look at the actual costs of managing and executing these tasks in-house and compare the performance, the equation changes dramatically.

    Can you make money by outsourcing the service? Grab a pencil and paper and see for yourself. You will discover how to maximize your investment and optimize your resources.

    How can outsourcing copywriting services help you make money?

    People often make the mistake of thinking of outsourcing copywriting as an expense. In fact, you should consider it an investment. The resources you put into outsourcing can reap large dividends. Seen this way, you will be getting more for your money, as the return will be much greater.

    On the other hand, you shouldn’t overlook the cost of doing this work yourself. In other words, in addition to receiving a professional service, you will also be making more efficient use of your budget in the long run. And in any business, large or small, it pays to crunch these numbers.

    Key ROI benefits of outsourcing copywriting services

    You’ve probably come this far because you have been seriously considering the option of outsourcing content writing services, but you still have doubts. The best way to dispel them is with hard facts and strong arguments. Below we’ll detail how delegating these tasks to third-party experts can impact your productivity. In doing so, we will take a special look at return on investment because we know you care about your money.

    Time as an investment

    Translating outsourcing copywriting into the cost of labor hours is one of the simplest and most compelling metrics. And let’s be honest, creating quality content is time consuming.

    Content pieces should represent the essence of your brand and provide value to your audience. Bridging both interests requires research and skills that go beyond writing skills. Finding a relevant angle and developing it effectively will test your ingenuity and understanding of the market.

    In addition, the technical knowledge, in particular insight related to search engine optimization, plays a significant role here. SEO copywriting has some unique features that even go unnoticed by journalists. Your texts should be compelling, but the rules of content indexing still apply.

    What is needed for a good ranking?

    You’ve probably wondered how Google ranks its results. What makes a page rank at the top? Is it a matter of luck? As you can imagine, chance has little to do with it. Search engines crawl web content and rank it according to relevance. That is, a content piece is assessed based on how it matches the user’s intention.

    An optimized text provides clues to search engines about its content. That means it utilizes the right words. You also need to pay attention to the frequency or density of these words and where they are located in the text. To add more complexity to the equation, these guidelines are constantly changing. Keeping up with algorithm changes and updating content is a job in itself.

    The cost of doing it yourself

    Add to that the time you need to produce the texts and to research trends and your competitors. If you have other duties to perform, you will hardly be able to accomplish all these activities, let alone with quality. First and foremost though, you must consider your role in the business. Can you afford to neglect your other responsibilities? How much could you earn or how much could the business benefit if you spent those hours expanding your business or making strategic decisions? Compare that figure with the cost of hiring a service, and you will see that there is a big difference.

    You should even calculate how much it will cost you to delegate content creation and copywriting to your employees. The time they devote to writing a text must necessarily be subtracted from the other tasks that are required of their roles. Additionally, multitasking is generally counterproductive to a positive work environment. By tasking your employees with these additional responsibilities and deadlines, you may be creating a perfect breeding ground for a conflict of obligations to arise at any moment, with unpredictable consequences.

    Impact of content in the sales funnel

    Some executives think of content marketing as a feature that would be “nice to have.” Perhaps they have arrived at this view because they have not achieved tangible results. If this is the case, it is urgent that you evaluate what and how you are managing your business. By definition, content marketing must respond to a strategy tied to commercial objectives.

    Your content should have an impact on your current and potential customers. It can be aimed at building your brand, generating leads, gaining the trust of your audience, establishing your authority or building your audience’s loyalty. It’s a long road that always leads to a sale, immediate or future. Content should accompany the customer throughout their sales journey, but there are two areas where it is particularly effective:


    We have already mentioned how search engines determine the ranking of results. If the content of your page is relevant to search engines, it will rank higher. Studies on how this positioning affects page traffic are definitive. Some estimate that the first page results account for more than 90% of the clicks. That’s where you want to be because the more visitors you get, the more opportunities you will have to become known. Ideally, this will lead to profit and further success.

    That said, be aware that the positioning of your site does not depend on a single article. The more high-quality content you provide, the better your rating will be. That’s why the frequency of publications is so important.


    Being known is just the initial goal. You need to go further. You must persuade your audience of your worth and provide reasons for them to become customers. Your content should accompany this process, encouraging your audience to get to know you better and build a relationship with your brand.

    Content marketing is very effective for community building. Why? Because it allows you to get to know your audience better and create messages tailored to their needs. Achieving this requires expertise. With the subtlety of a filigree, you have to spin the stories and choose the right words to keep the interest.

    Furthermore, the work doesn’t end when a sale is made. Rather, it moves on, seeking to strengthen that newly formed bond and convert it into loyalty. This will not only ensure future sales but also authentic recommendations, which will help you gain new customers.

    The value of adding value

    The main ingredient of content marketing is the value it provides to the audience. There’s no point in continuous posting if the messages are irrelevant to your audience. It will fail to make an impact, and, what’s more, it may even have a negative effect, as it will be considered spam, thereby losing credibility. This is one of the biggest challenges of content creation and copywriting. Without neglecting the frequency, you must guarantee its quality. It is a demanding task that will require a considerable amount of effort.

    Outsourcing these services to copywriters will ensure that you create a constant flow of valuable information. Professionals will be dedicated to researching what your audience is looking for and responding to their needs. However, the selecting a suitable supplier is key to a successful strategy. Fortunately, the market for copywriters is very broad, and there are experts in producing materials for different industries and formats. It is necessary to evaluate a candidate’s understanding of your business when choosing a service provider.

    To meet the expectations of your audience, you have to offer more and better content. This is a dilemma often faced by those who tend to assume all responsibilities. This usually leads to hasty outsourcing. The testimonials of this are innumerable, and they all come to the same conclusion: distributing tasks wisely is more profitable.

    Quality and timeliness

    Finding a balance here is difficult. That’s why scalability is the main reason why companies outsource copywriting. In delegating these activities, you can ensure a constant flow of information with pieces targeted to each group in your audience. Your communications must adapt to the buying stage of your customers and promote their transit through the funnel. The user should be able to find answers to their questions at every step.

    Consequently, you need to create differential content and be attentive to the signals of your target audience as well as the competition. The volume of publications must adapt to market changes and respond in a timely manner. In business, it is very easy to lose what is so hard earned. It is not enough to have a web presence or regular communication with your customers. To be successful, you must always be prepared and offer your audience what they need.

    The importance of content in attracting and retaining your customers

    For market analysts, it is vital to understand the customer acquisition process. This is critical for the growth of any business. In this regard, there have been multiple studies that seek to determine the cost of acquisition. At the same time, it is also possible to determine how much it costs to retain a customer and evaluate their profitability. The results are worth considering. It is estimated that attracting a new customer is 5 times more expensive than retaining current ones.

    While you need to do both, it is advisable to review how you allocate your efforts and budget. The good news is that content marketing works for both groups. You just need to produce the right content in the right quantity and distribute it strategically.

    The true cost of content writing

    Let’s say you’ve already made the decision to delegate content writing to an expert. In this, you have three options:

    • Add a professional to your staff
    • Hire freelance writers
    • Hire a copywriting service

    These are valid solutions, which you should consider with regard to the particularities of your business. Again, you will need do the math, taking several variables into account:

    • Specialization
    • Skills
    • Time
    • Costs


    In-depth knowledge of your industry is a competitive advantage of any content provider. However, it can be difficult to find a candidate who meets this requirement. Most specialized professionals prefer to work as freelancers, as it is more profitable for them.

    For example, the finance, gaming and technology sectors tend to be the most common, as they are fields with a high demand for content. Moreover, content creation agencies often have multidisciplinary teams, which have the ability to address various fields. Obviously, you must consider the learning curve of your employee, but you must be aware of the risk of staff turnover.

    On the other hand, it should be noted that the ability to produce material in various formats is required. The characteristics of social media texts are very different from those of an ebook. It is in your best interest to engage a provider proficient in various forms of content and who demonstrates the ability to meet all your content needs and ensure quality.


    As we have explained, a quality text needs to adapt to a strategy to be truly successful. Content creation must be conceived as an integral project, with defined and measurable objectives. In addition to writing skills and SEO knowledge, the copywriter must be able to analyze the market and current trends.


    Once again you must consider the time factor. Hiring an employee involves a recruitment and selection process that often takes longer than expected. Furthermore, a person’s capacity to produce content is limited. If you should need to increase the frequency of your communications, you could run into difficulties.

    This affects both employees and freelancers. In the latter case, the matter may be more complicated, as you will not be the writer’s only client. Likewise, your project may be delayed if your supplier has any unforeseen circumstances or is unavailable.

    A professional copywriting service is able to adapt to variations in workloads. They can adjust their response time in the case of an urgent order. They can also reorganize their teams to meet any requests from their editors. 


    Freelance copywriter fees can be lower than those of a content creation agency. However, that difference is inversely proportional to the time you will need to spend supervising the work. With a freelancer, it will be your responsibility to proofread it and ensure that the content is original. In the case of an agency, these tasks are usually included in their fees.

    Hiring a permanent employee is usually the most expensive option. This includes the payment of wages, even during periods of inactivity or holidays. You must also factor in bonus payments and recruitment costs.

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