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When Should You Consider Outsourcing Content Creation?

When Should You Consider Outsourcing Content Creation?
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    Some people mistakenly think that hiring an expert content writing service is an unnecessary expense. At the end of the day, you know your product and surely one of your collaborators has some writing skills. In principle, if your message is relevant, you do not need to make extra efforts to attract customers; they will come to you.

    I’m sorry to inform you that this approach will lead to losses rather than gains. It is a simplified and optimistic definition of content marketing. The truth is that, to be effective, a good strategy requires equally good execution. Before elaborating on this subject, let’s review the reasons why content writing is commonly outsourced.

    5 common reasons to outsource content creation

    There are plenty of reasons to outsource an expert content creation service. Ideally, a service should be engaged from the moment you define your needs and design the digital marketing plan. However, many entrepreneurs conduct their business as though it were a one-man band. They overestimate their ability to multitask and only consider delegating tasks when they are in over their heads.

    Don’t hesitate to hire an outsourced content writing service if:

    1. ​You lack time

    The first reason an entrepreneur or marketing manager considers outsourcing content creation is a lack of time. The hours of the day are not endless, so they must be used efficiently.

    Writing a blog post can require hours of research, writing and editing. In fact, content creation is a full-time job. Moreover, to be effective, digital marketing requires consistency, frequency and optimization. You will hardly be able to combine these tasks with the immense task of running a company. You and your team will get better results if you concentrate on the main focus of the business. An expert content writing service will take over this task, allowing you to maximize your productivity and focus your efforts on developing the strengths of your business.

    Moreover, this will enable you to continuously feed your page with quality information. Remember that content marketing is a long term career; one post or article is not enough. You should update your content regularly with pertinent news as well as periodically offer relevant stimuli to your audience. Do you honestly think you’ll be able to make that commitment timewise?

    2. The effectiveness of your content marketing is not as expected

    Entrepreneurs are often willing to make all kinds of sacrifices to get their project off the ground. It does not matter if you sacrifice sleep or work around the clock. Regardless, this much effort and willpower is not always matched by the results. The content marketing strategy does not deliver the expected results in most startups and SMEs, and the reason for this is very simple.

    Content creation requires more than just business knowledge and writing skills. To make your mark on the Internet, you need to know your audience, reach them with your content and establish a connection. This does not merely happen by chance. Rather, there are precise techniques and strategies to optimize web presence and facilitate conversions.

    Of course, it is possible to learn these, but this requires a considerable time commitment. Can you afford to make that commitment to study and prepare? Can your business wait while you learn the ropes?

    Let’s say, for example, you want to build a house. You could do it yourself, but, if you want a safe and durable home, you would have to be familiar with the principles of construction. Would you study engineering or hire a professional? Would you risk living in a structure without a solid foundation?

    The premise in any marketing action must be effectiveness. Having a blog or a website does little good if these cannot be utilized as tools to help you grow your business. Quality content writing services target your business goals and expand upon them so you can obtain concrete and measurable results.

    ​ 3. You are out of ideas

    No one knows your business better than you do, but sometimes you need to refresh your ideas. You may reach a point when you feel like you have run out of topics. You may feel like you cannot find new inspiration. An outside perspective can help you create new content and share innovative ideas.

    Outsourced content writing will help you find and utilize other points of view that resonate with your audience. You might even benefit from the versatility of having more than one copywriter.

    Outsourcing can give you the opportunity to change the style and tone of your posts, to tailor your content to different channels or update your content.

    4. You need more content

    It is not uncommon for successful content writers to feel overwhelmed at some point. A growing company usually requires a higher volume of publications. Likewise, as the complexity of your business increases, the time you can spend on content marketing decreases.

    On the other hand, your needs may be subject to seasonality. For example, a company that sells school products will probably want to strengthen its web presence before the back-to-school season. Mid-year, their content marketing efforts may be more limited and can be taken care of internally.

    By outsourcing content creation, you can adapt to these variations efficiently. You will be able to maintain your publishing capacity without tying yourself to fixed contract costs or neglecting your marketing strategy.

    5. You want to diversify your digital marketing strategy

    Perhaps you have achieved good results, but you need to expand your digital presence to other media. Each platform has its own language, and the creation of web products has its own conditions and aspects. The skills to write a blog post are very different from the skills you need to write a technical manual.
    Furthermore, content marketing is not limited to writing texts.

    Images and videos play a leading role in social networks. Additionally, knowledge of web design, search engine optimization and keyword identification is essential. This is hardly a task that can be efficiently handled by one person, or at least, not by an individual who specializes equally in all these tasks. When you outsource a quality content writing service, you will have access to experts in each of these fields.

    When do you need to outsource content creation?

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    Expert content writing services are often called in as a last resort. The business owners and managers may believe they do not need to delegate these tasks because they are capable of taking them on. However, it is counterproductive to consider outsourcing as a way of handling an excessive workload. By surrendering the creation of content to the hands of professionals, you will not only have extra support. You will also gain an exponential return on your investment.

    Criteria for determining when you should outsource content creation

    It is well known that the goal of any business is to make a profit. Planning and budget management are two indispensable steps to achieve this goal. This being the case, the following premises can be applied to guide your decision.



    At first, it may seem that you will save money by doing everything yourself. However, it could be the other way around. We have already talked about the importance of focusing on the core of your business. The quality of your products or services could be affected by an excessive workload. By spreading yourself thin in terms of skill and time, the results could be inefficient, particularly if you lack specialized knowledge.

    ​The options for delegating content writing should be properly analyzed. You can hire a new employee or an expert content writing service. Both options are perfectly suitable, but you must weigh their pros and cons. When you centralize all the work in your company, you must consider aspects such as:

    • Recruitment and hiring costs
    • Training and updating
    • Office space and furniture
    • Equipment and software

    It is also a good idea to take pen and paper and do the math to compare these costs to the rates for an outsourced content writing service.



    On the other hand, you should consider the scope of your content marketing plan. It is important that you estimate what your needs will be throughout the year. This includes, among other things, identifying:

    • Quantity and frequency of pieces
    • Formats
    • Required skills

    This will aid you in defining the candidate profile or the requirements for external collaborators. The more important the specialization or the broader the spectrum of skills, the more difficult it will be to satisfy them with a single employee. With an outsourced content writing service, you will be able to access different talents.

    But do you really need content marketing?

    The previous analysis will give you a good idea of the costs associated with executing a content strategy. However, if you do not take effectiveness into account, you may be wasting time and money. Content marketing is not just about creating and distributing publications. The goal is to attract and connect with your target audience to generate actions that directly or indirectly result in loyalty and sales. Although it seems obvious, it is worth keeping this in mind and appropriately following up on it.

    Vanity metrics and actionable metrics

    It is essential to differentiate between complacent metrics, or vanity metrics, and actionable metrics. The former is a deceptive exercise in ego.

    They may display impressive results, but they do not actually reflect how the content contributes to achieving your goals. The number of posts is only important when it translates into conversions. Likewise, distributing a lot of irrelevant content will only serve to spam your audience. Visits to your page are insufficient data if they do not have an impact on the conversion rate.

    In contrast, actionable metrics reflect the data that help you discover what works for your business. They are linked to objectives and guide strategic decisions. A quality piece of content passes the test of actionable metrics. Beyond its creativity, it is an effective contribution to your brand voice and helps you achieve your business goals.

    What are the KPIs of content marketing?

    The best way to evaluate a content marketing plan is from a holistic perspective. That is, it considers the impact of the strategy from different angles. That is why content KPIs are often classified into four categories:

    1. SEO metrics
    2. Conversion metrics and ROI
    3. Social engagement metrics
    4. Active user metrics

    ​ 1. SEO metrics

    Quality content writing services pay close attention to search engine optimization. And this is no wonder, since a large part of the web traffic comes from organic searches. Moreover, many specialists even consider SEO to be more effective than PPC (pay per click) in generating sales.

    It also goes without saying that content that does not reach your audience is a waste of time and money. Among other things, SEO KPIs analyze the positioning in search results, the number of visits and their duration.

    ​ 2. Conversion metrics and ROI

    Reaching the audience is just the first step; you need to help them through the sales conversion funnel. You need to know what stage your audience is in and what discourages or encourages them to become a customer.
    On the other hand, the viability of the business is closely related to the return on investment. When you track your keywords, you can determine their performance in search volume or PPC. Then, you will need to link this data with conversions to finally calculate ROI.

    ​ 3. Social engagement metrics

    This basically covers measurements focused on social networks. The main advantage of these platforms is that they allow you to increase the reach of your content. Interaction is not limited to the conversation with your customers, but you can benefit from an amplifying effect. It is a great indicator of what your audience likes and how they value your content.

    4. Active user metrics

    The UTM parameters and Google Analytics results provide an additional dimension to the interpretation of the indicators. They allow for the identification of biases in the reports of conversion and bounce rates, visits, etc. They will also help you define a successful content strategy.

    With so many factors influencing the effectiveness of content marketing, outsourcing these services does not seem like a far-fetched option. In fact, you will not only save yourself a lot of headaches, but you will also achieve greater efficiency. Be sure that your business and your finances will benefit from this.

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