Scalable content management

Streamline your content creation. Save time and money with our team of experts. We plan, manage and deliver your content project that accommodates your strategy, volume and deadlines.

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Content management
made easy

Imagine having a team of experts at your fingertips to deliver content pieces on time and save you money. Our content management services are designed so that not only will we have everything ready for you when it’s needed but we also take care of all those pesky little details.


Project planning & design

Manage your workload and prioritize what is important while we take care of resource optimization, priority management and deadlines.

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Content specialist selection

Engage a team of experts for your project and avoid the hassle and cost of hiring and managing freelancers. If your project requires writers, editors and other content specialists, we will take care of selecting quality professionals with experience in your industry.

money optimization

Budget allocation & optimization

Get the content you need at a competitive price and save time by eliminating back-and-forth with your team. We minimize costs and maximize efficiency for your project.


Evaluation & quality assurance

No need to worry about checking whether texts are formatted correctly. You can focus on other tasks while we handle the quality assurance process ​from beginning to end, with properly formatted texts delivered by the agreed dates.

We have a proven track record of delivering results

If I can say one thing about The Happy Beavers, it's that they value their freelancers. I've been working as a remote translator and editor for the company for 2.5 years counting. They always bring in intriguing projects, allow flexibility in work hours, and rescheduling on short notice when necessary has never been a problem.
Annett Lieber
Annett Lieber
Translator EN-DE, living in England
I really enjoy working with The Happy Beavers because it allows me to keep the flexibility I need in my everyday life. Furthermore, the topics of the texts I translate are really diverse, thus I always learn something new.
Emilie Bloh
Emilie Bloh
French translator and editor
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Need a tailored solution?

Schedule your appointment now and we’ll design the perfect solution for you!

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Why The Happy Beavers?

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Tailored end-to-end solutions

Our tailor-made, expert content services are designed to suit your specific needs. Unlike other leading content platforms – which require you to manage your own projects – we’ll take care of your campaigns from initiation to implementation.


Competitive prices without middlemen

While other content platforms will charge you for hundreds of human hours, we keep costs down by cutting out the middlemen and implementing lean processes that are accelerated by our unique proprietary technology.


High quality guaranteed

Rather than adding fees for editing, plagiarism checks and QA like our competitors, our quality content writing services automatically include these solutions – and the peace of mind that your content is written by qualified native speakers.

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We’ve got you covered

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Big business

Need to generate a ton of dam good content? Our Beavers can do the heavy lifting to get your project done.

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Plenty of clients but tight on time? We can build a dam of content to ensure your lodge continues to thrive.

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Content creators

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer or have another content-dependent business, we can manage the production process.