Give us the outlines, we guarantee your high-quality content

Say farewell to the hassle and frustration of managing freelance writers. As experts in copywriting, we strive to exceed your expectations and deliver results that precisely align with your requirements.

Allow us to take the lead and provide you with an accurate content while ensuring the most cost-efficiency for you business!

Here are some of the missions our content outsourcing services will handle, without you noticing:

Hiring and coordinating talented freelancers in 30 languages

Checking Quality Assurance even for highly technical contents

Reviewing, proofreading, and editing content as many times as required

Here is what you can expect from our beavers!

Accurate content for SEO professionals

As an SEO professional, you have a clear vision for your content. Share your requirements with us and we will deliver a polished result that meets your standards to the last detail after it has passed our rigorous quality assurance test.

Taking over coordination

Dealing with intermediaries and still having to edit their work can be exhausting. Instead, focus on more pressing tasks, while we take over the hassle of coordinating with freelancers and ensuring their work meets your standards.


For simple, one-time projects, you might want a quick solutions! Just log in to our client portal and submit your order, it’s that simple! Once you submit your order, our team will review it and prepare an offer for you to start the execution right way.

Multiple experts combined in one

For larger projects, we assign a dedicated project manager who works closely with your project. They coordinate it, ensure that all requirements are met, and run it through a quality assurance process to guarantee the end product that accurately follows your guidelines.

Why you can trust us with your content

They make us proud because they trust our content outsourcing services: Indeed, Get Your Lawyer, Uptain, and Hostinger are some of the leading organizations we delivered top-notch content for and brought them to the top in Google.

our brands beavers


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rank on the first page of Google

Ocere came to us with the goal to create content that follows general guidelines as well as client-specific requirements while reducing the effort they spend on QA to a bare minimum. We produced 10, 000 + articles with a 2-5 days delivery per bulk order (20+ articles)


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rank within the top-3 on Google for their target keyword.

Get Your Lawyer wanted to rank for people trying to find legal assistance in the German-speaking Switzerland. We produced 120 high-quality articles for them, out of which 51% rank within the top-3 on Google for their target keyword.


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still rank on page 1 in Google for their target keyword.

When Indeed entered the Swedish market, they wanted to create high-quality content that outranks their competitors to attract specifically job applicants. Out of 75 articles we wrote for them, 84% still rank on page 1 in Google for their target keyword.

How does it work?

Choose the next step according to your needs!

I have a one-time order to submit

I want a partner who helps improve my business

Freelancing Content Creator The Happy Beavers
Can become unavailable any time
Our team is available any time you need us
Native in 1 language only
Native writers in 30 + languages
Charge more for SEO knowledge
We breathe SEO and are still affordable
Need to be found and hired

You can order immediately and we assign already selected professional writers. Order here!

Specialist only in writing
We have writers, editors, and strategists and you pay only for what you want to use
You need to double-check the work
Our QA team checks your work before handing it in to you so you get the final polished results!
Upwork & Co. The Happy Beavers
You need to post a job, wait for applicants, hire yourself

You can start ordering your content immediately by uploading requirements into client portal!

You need to make a lot of mistakes when hiring until you find the right freelancer
We have made these mistakes already years ago and have now a pool of talented freelancers to work with
You need to spend time QAing the work in the end
Our qualified QA team checks the work before delivery to you, so that you don’t have to
Can become unavailable at any time
Our team is always available when you need it
Mostly native in one language only
Native writers in 30+ languages
ChaptGPT The Happy Beavers
Almost always available, even at night
Same here:)
Produces mainstream-average quality and a lot of it feels like the same
Produces high-quality individual content
Doesn't know your business specifics
Understands your business and produces really valuable content
Can decrease your SEO rankings when used too much
Improves your rankings with valuable content
Is native in English, but so-so in other languages
Can create content in 30+ languages natively
Hiring in-house content creator The Happy Beavers
Can become sick or go on holidays
We have a big team that is always available when you need us
Hard to find someone who knows strategy, writing, SEO and maybe even several languages
We have all the expertise in-house and you pay only for what you really use
Expensive with all the social benefits, taxes etc.
Affordable and scalable – you pay only for the hours you really need
You might have too little or too many tasks
You can buy exactly the amount of work you really need
Average content agency The Happy Beavers
Is a middle-man between clients and writers only
Provides additional value using content strategists, text QA experts, writers, translators and experts
Locks you in a long-term contract
Works on-demand or with contracts that can be cancelled every month (depending on your plan)
You still have to QA all the work in the end
We QA the work using our expert team to make sure it matches all your requirements
Produces content that is little better than AI and machine translation
Really understands how to leverage the tools available on the market to produce the best possible results