How to Outsource Content Creation: The Complete Guide

Learn how to create a well-run outsource content creation project from start to finish.

Written by – and for – busy entrepreneurs, marketers and business owners who don’t have the time or interest in theory or fluff.

You’ll get straight to the point and find out how you can easily get started outsourcing your content creation today.

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    By completing this e-book, you will learn:

    •  A three-step process for outsourcing your content.
    • The basic components of assessing your content needs.
    • Selecting the right talent and services for your content.
    • The requirements and processes needed to achieve success.

    More about this offer

    In today’s digital landscape, content is everything. Content brings visitors to a website, educates customers about products and services, and builds brand awareness.

    A study by SEMrush found that over half of the companies they surveyed outsource their content creation—earmarking it as a growing trend. And that’s because of the positive impact quality content has on a business’ bottom line.

    But while so many companies are investing in content creation, most are frustrated with the quality of that content. Issues include content riddled with grammar and tone of voice errors; content that doesn’t address the reader’s needs; and a lack of writers with experience in their niche.

    Are you a content marketing freelancer or agency owner who’s proud of the quality content you produce? If you’re keen to jump on this demand for quality content, you’ll need a foolproof roadmap for outsourcing your content creation. This e-book shows you how to start and scale your outsourcing efforts to meet your business goals and exceed client expectations.

    This e-book draws on years of The Happy Beavers’ experience in the digital and content marketing space. Invest in this e-book, and you’ll get a practical, step-by-step guide you can apply to your business today.