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The Happy Beavers is a full-service linguistic company. We can help you with translation in various domains, editing, proofreading and copywriting. You can read more about our services

We carefully select writers, editors and translators to our team, based on their experience and professional skills. Every project is assigned to a native speaker of the target language. We have designed an optimized workflow to deliver clear, correct and concise texts within strict deadlines.

It depends on our current capacities and workload. Pricing is individual, so just get in touch and we’ll try to fit for your needs.

Usually our clients choose between PayPal and bank transfer. If you don’t like any of this, we make sure to come out to a common solution.

We generally prefer office formats such as .docx or .pptx. You can always contact us should you have anything unusual.

If your document is in one of the editable file formats, the translation will look just like an original. For non-editable files, such as images or scanned PDFs, we provide DTP service as an extra.

Most likely, yes. We have a large network of native language translators scattered around the world. If you need one language translated into another, we can find you a bilingual expert who speak them fluently.

All our projects are double-checked by the translators and authors themselves and undergo automatic quality testing. But in some cases, you’d appreciate a second pair of professional eyes. We recommend ordering those services for sensitive text, like contracts, as well as for content that is to be published.

Should you have a non-disclosure agreement, we are happy to review and agree to its terms. By default, we act as if the NDA is signed, whether it is or not.

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We provide an individual approach to each client, no matter big or small. Moreover, we always strive to exceed your expectations and make your text a unique work of art.
Have more questions? We are always open to suggestions and ready to dispel your doubts.

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