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Our Beavers will be your happy guides if you are looking for someone to take care of your content and strategy needs in the Gaming Industry.  From promoting your games through well-informed articles and increasing your reach among relevant audiences to providing localized translations in multiple languages, our Beavers can do it all efficiently.

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 Our Beavers understand the fierce competition in the Gaming Industry and are focused on helping you surpass them. We only hire the best and train them throughout so they can be experts in your niche and provide exceptional content and marketing for your games. We aim at building you the community for your brand and convert regular users to fans of your games.

Here is a list of the core services that The Happy Beavers provide for your games to look out better than many others in the market


Content Marketing

The product life cycle of computer games can have short shelf lives without a solid content marketing strategy. You need to be effective in marketing your game to the right audience so it’ll stay for a longer period. We draft effective content marketing strategies that include content creation, translations, and reviews to generate traffic. In this regard, we also offer Project Management services that take away your burden of getting your game up and running.

Blog and Article Writing

We understand that getting readers and players to become regular visitors on your site is a win in the gaming industry. That is why we hire the best wordsmiths to create blogs and articles that can get your game’s visibility to increase significantly. We believe in creating helpful content such as providing comparisons among the industry-leading games, the trending games, and even the ones that have stayed at the top of charts to make the audience choose better and stay informed. Our blog content will make your game get the highest traction by utilizing advanced keyword research tools and SEO-friendly techniques.

Game Reviews

It is crucial to provide potential players with an analysis of different games within the industry to let them know that you, as a brand, know your niche and can identify the trends. Moreover, it builds your product’s authority as well. That is why we craft game reviews that can make you seem like the industry expert and champion. Our Beavers are thorough in their research and produce authentic game reviews that include all the benefits, features, and drawbacks of the game. With the help of detailed game reviews, you can create an honest user base, unlike any other gaming brand out there.

Game Descriptions

Crafting game descriptions that don’t bore the reader can be a daunting task. They tend to be too technical, often making it hard for the regular user to understand them. You need to add the creative element. However, there are days when you simply run out of your creative fuel to create attractive and honest game descriptions. But our Beavers can effectively help you with these descriptions with their hand-on experience, thorough research, and impeccable writing skills. We write game descriptions that grab the attention of your potential customers and compels them to purchase and play the game.

Translations of Game Content

As a business owner in the gaming industry, you naturally want your games to be popular worldwide. However, that can only happen if you truly reach out to people of different regions in the language that they speak and understand. Our Beavers can help you in that regard with their localized and native translations in as many languages as you want. From translating game descriptions to game content and instructions, our Beavers are committed to helping your brand create a global audience and emerge as an international gaming business.

Why Choose The Happy Beavers?
The Happy Beavers are the most suitable choice for your business because we understand your business needs like no other Content House. We value you and provide cost-effective and customized services that take away the stress from you. With the help of our experienced team of Beavers, we pride ourselves in creating content that can solidify and boost the growth of your business.
Project Management

Projects can entail several things in your to-do list that may remain unchecked due to the heavy burden of work upon you. Our Beavers know that time is money, and that is why we ensure to check off those lists of things-to-do by providing complete project management for your product and content needs.

Meticulously Researched Content

With the wholesome combination of expertise and being precision-oriented, we create content that is detailed yet does not overwhelm the reader. We employ SEO friendly techniques and update the information pool regularly. Our Beavers create the latest content for your brand, helping you stay well ahead of your competition.


Translating technical information while retaining the native touch and readability is an art that our Beavers have mastered. The Happy Beavers value the power of words and that is why we train our translators to efficiently translate your work. We match you with our best talent of local Beavers whose linguistic expertise matches your business needs.

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