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 Just like any other business, legal services niches are expanding in the digital market now. You need our Beavers to expand your clientele and become an inspiring legal brand that voices the needs of those who need it the most. We can help you translate legal resources in multiple languages to make it accessible for a global audience. Our content goes through quality checks and ensures the precision and accuracy that a legal text requires.

Our Services

Every Word We Write and Translate, Translates Into Your Success

 From writing and translating effective legal documents that companies require to helping the legal businesses garner support through blogs, we offer a wide range of services. Here are our core services in this niche:

Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions are crucial to any business as it sets the standard rules on how the involved parties will cater to each other. It is perhaps one of the most crucial documents that has no margin for error in language as it can create misunderstanding leading to faulty business. Our writers are well versed and experienced in translating the most suitable and error-free terms of service. Our Beavers can also translate these terms and conditions of service in several different languages to help you communicate your business terms more effectively and efficiently.


Translating Contracts

From big multilingual companies to small and medium enterprises, we translate effective contracts for all business and private individuals. We believe that language barrier should not bar you from expanding your clientele. To that end, we happily provide translations of contracts that ensure a better understanding of what the contract entails for the parties involved. Since contracts are to be used in all legal matters worldwide, we make sure that the translation is error-free and customized to localization to ensure the safety of rights for everyone involved.


Service Agreements Translation

Service agreements are a crucial document for all businesses that determine the conditions of the services. This includes the service charges, working hours and other crucial deliverables. That is why, translating these agreements to the local language of your client is highly essential so that there is no misunderstanding of the expectations and conditions of work to be delivered. Our Beavers are highly qualified to translate service agreements while prioritizing your concerns and create error-free content to avoid any discrepancies.


Website Content

Our Beavers ease the process of creating and strategy and composing your website content. In today’s world, an excellent web copy is required to communicate with potential clients and customers. A good copy will increase your chances of conversion and we know how to create a great website copy. 

We effectively create a strategy for your website that is tailored for your legal requirements and specification. We understand that it is a highly technical job, which requires a thorough understanding and that is why we deploy our best writers to this task.


Blog and Articles

As an independent lawyer or an operational legal firm, you can inspire millions with informational and helpful blog writing. Our Beavers can strategize an exceptional content plan for you while keeping the SEO requirements in mind. From keyword research to optimization of the content and effective delivery, we can do it all with precision and accuracy on legal matters. We strongly feel that an informative piece of content holds the power of truly inspiring people who’re reading it and that is what we can do for you with thorough editing and proofreading.


Why Choose The Happy Beavers?
We offer premium quality content and localized translations that are industry specific. Our Beavers love diving deep in their research to create authenticate and standard content while keeping in mind the international trade and business standards. More importantly, our budget-friendly and easy ordering process ensures that you can contact us anytime you want.
Easy Ordering Process

We understand that as a business owner or even a legal advisor, you are equipped with dealing with clients. That is why our ordering process is easy to facilitate you. Fill out our form for a free consultation and quote. We’d be happy to accommodate your queries and create a personalized service package tailored to your needs and budget

Translation and Localization

Legal matters require an in-depth understanding of the relevant industry’s laws and national as well as international regulations. We provide localized translations for your patents, documents, and resources to ensure its effectiveness in the global as well as local context. Our experts ensure that the documents and content is correctly translated to protect you against legal implication or misunderstanding.

Legal Accuracy

Legal matters are intricate and at The Happy Beavers, we are aware of that. We employ our expert translators with experience in the legal niche to translate your legal documentations that are able to retain the meaning of the document. Our beavers are profoundly rooted and knowledgeable in the field of translating legal content so that your business has complete coverage of legal details.

Timely and Quality Delivery

We understand that legal matters require timely action. You need to be prepared when you plan to propose a new venture and that is why our Beavers make it a priority to deliver quality content timely. Our content is tailored to suit the international law requirements so that you don’t find yourself in a messy lawsuit or a misinterpreted legal document.

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Your business’ success is our business. We provide the best services at effective and budget-friendly rates with expert knowledge that is unmatched. Our Beavers make sure that you’re guided through all the steps of your work till the execution ensuring complete transparency, efficiency, and productivity.

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