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Ghostwriting Print Books and Ebooks

If it was easy writing a book, everyone would be doing it. But they’re not - because it can be quite challenging. Some days you’re down on creative fuel, while other days you lack the ideas to spin an inspiring character or chapter.

But now, you no longer need to worry over creating the perfect book that would touch and inspire many. With the help of our expert writers, you are just one contact away from making your dream of becoming a published author come true. Not only we help you write your books, but we edit, proofread, and even translate them for you if need be.

Translating Literature and Books

The world is your oyster and your audience. However, the problem is the language barrier. For that, you must cater to the global audience by providing as many language translations of your content as possible. But then again, you can’t be an expert in every language to target a larger spectrum of audience. That is why you need our proficient and professional translators. 

Our expert team of translators can translate your work while keeping the native touch. Our beavers are excellent translators because we only hire native language speakers. We aim to provide you with the quality of translated work that does not bring down the spark of the original content - we make your content global so you can publish your book in as many languages as possible.

Editing and Proofreading your Literature

No content is perfect on its first draft. If you have worked on a story or a write-up of an ebook but you’re not sure about it, you can come to us for the technical eye. You have done the big work already, now trust our Beavers to help you with editing and making it flawless. We ensure correct editing to bring out your work’s most prominent features.

Our expert proofreaders and our grasp on the latest technology make it possible for us to make your work stand out amongst the vast sea of online content. We aspire to make your content creation process easier so that you can focus more on bringing success to your work by finding a publisher. Our beavers are set hard to deliver the best quality content.

Let the Beavers Make Your Dream Project A Success

We understand that you cannot have everything figured out all the time. Perhaps, you have an idea for a book or perhaps you’re looking for inspiration. Whatever the case be, that is why our Beavers are here to help you out through the creative process of book writing.

If you need anything done related to your book or require any other literature service, feel free to contact our Beavers. Our doors are always open to create another dam project. You don’t even have to have everything figured out - our Beavers will listen to your query, find the creative drive on it and our excellent wordsmiths will build upon it.


We pride ourselves on a team of versatile and experienced writers filled with a creative drive. From writing your book for you and editing it to make it impeccable to proofreading every part carefully to make it flawless, they can take up any project and complete it with inspiration.

With our Beavers on board, you never have to worry about delayed delivery of tasks or compromised quality of work. Our Beavers are quick and prioritize the quality of your work. Moreover, we do so at a price that wouldn’t make a huge dip in your pockets. 

We strongly feel that the key to a great and successful project lies in effective communication and so our Beavers always keep you in the loop. What’s more, is that they love receiving feedback from you to enhance the work quality. You can rely on our Beavers for personalized revisions to ensure quality. 

In today’s fast-paced world, creating genuinely inspirational and heart touching pieces of literature can be a daunting task. But with our Beavers on board, you don’t have to worry about compromising on inspiration because we craft stories that touch everyone’s hearts universally.
Exceptional Wordsmiths You Can Trust With Your Work
We understand how close your work can be to you. That is why our excellent wordsmiths ensure that they deliver quality which inspires. You have the story and it’s intricately articulated in your mind. However, penning it down on paper can be a daunting task, especially if it’s the first time you are writing a book. Which is why you need professional help from our Beavers. 

Our beavers are here to help you throughout the process. From writing the book for you to proofreading your masterpiece to make it flawless – we have you covered from all sides. Your groundbreaking and award-winning ideas are transformed into great epics by our creative writers.

We also take pride in our versatility. Whether it’s a fiction book, an ebook, a biography, a self-help book, or simply a magazine article and blog writing – our Beavers are experienced in all spheres of Literature.
What Niches Can Our Beavers Write For?

Our Beavers Value Literature As Much As They Value Versatility!

Short Stories
Fiction Writing
Prose and Poetry
Academic Papers
Research Papers
Novellas and Novels
Self-Help Books
Marketing and Finance Books
Travel and Lifestyle Magazines
Fitness and Wellness Books
Religion, Spirituality & Philosophy

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