Become a Part of the Beaver Clan

Are you a professional translator, editor or writer looking for a freelance job? We always welcome highly specialized experts as well as new talents in all language combinations to join our team. At The Happy Beavers, we do give a dam about all our employees and you could be one of them!

What You Can Expect

The Happy Beavers aim to build long-term relationships with language professionals to ensure we produce the best work possible. We strongly believe in the productivity of learning, writing, and communication. That is why our writers are highly trained in their fields. We ensure a good employee relationship and we wood do anything to keep it that way!

We offer a unique approach that combines the best from the traditional translation agency and highly technological modern content services. Working at The Happy Beavers would be just like getting another amazing dam project after another. We prioritize learning and hone your natural talent into a refined diamond.

Remote and Flexible

Be your own boss and set your own schedule: work whenever you want, from wherever you want. As long as you respect deadlines, we don't mind flexibility.

Constant Workload

Bid farewell to the stress of facing instability in work! We effectively guarantee work for selected people according to their expertise, talent and skill set.

Competitive Rates

We understand the effort, time and skill that goes into completing a project. We value our teammates and always pay on time with a competitive rate.

A Seamless Workflow

Working can get strenuous at times and we understand that. So, we deploy the use of the newest technologies to make your job as easy as possible.

Perfect Communication

You don't have to worry about miscommunication with us. We always give clear deadlines and proper briefings so that you always know what a client wants from you.

Personal Approach

We strongly believe that everyone is special and we embrace that individuality with open hearts and minds. And so, we are always open to suggestions and discussion.

What we expect

Our strength is our team. That is why we have a fair selection process, that includes a CV review, language test, and an interview. Here is what you need to apply:

Great command of the languages you work with. We only hire native speakers in the target language to ensure maximum results.

Experience in translation, editing or copywriting. We would love to see your portfolio, degree or any other proofs of expertise.

Expertise in specific niches and industries will be a plus. We appreciate diversity and versatility in a writer and writing style.

Since high school, we all know that no one likes silly errors. So, thoroughness and attention to detail are a must.

No one can motivate you if you're not up for the task yourself! So, you must possess the ability to work independently.

We care about the people who work with us. We help them grow and learn with every project. That is why, if anyone messes with our beavers, we make sure that they get the cleaver. So, if you are interested in a flexible collaboration with guaranteed assignments according to your skills, talent, and experience, we are looking forward to you applying and making you a part of The Happy Beavers Clan!