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Guide To Creating A Great Product Name

Guide To Creating A Great Product Name
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    After months of hard work, setbacks, and successes, you finally managed to create a product that makes you proud. But now comes an even more difficult part. You cannot decide on a name for your product. Any idea that sounds reasonably good is already trademarked. You are getting frustrated because you want your labor of love to reach others as soon as possible. Naming your product can be daunting. So what should you do?Read our guide to creating and coming up with the most catchy product names that would catch on like fire.

    How Is A Product Name Different Than A Brand Name?

    A product name and the business name should work together and support each other. Thinking of one should bring the other to mind. However, there are apparent differences. A brand name should be an umbrella under which all products come together.A product name should be informative while supporting the ideology of the brand.A right product name would strike a beat with your consumers and generate sales for you by helping you expand your brand even more. The name should evoke emotions of your consumers and potential consumers.It should be informative. The consumer should know what to expect. They shouldn’t go looking for a hat only to find a shoe.It should be exciting and mysterious. But at the same time, it shouldn’t give everything away either. It should want your consumers to find out more about the product that you have to offer.Companies that find success in coming up with such a name go on to succeed and find it easier to create a brand.

    Tips To Come Up With A Great And Successful Product Name

    So how can you come up with such a name? Read on to find our tips. While you read, take a piece of paper and a pencil and jot down ideas.

    1. It Should Resonate With The Product

    The easiest way to come up with a product name is to name it after the function or product description. Some companies have been so successful that their product name is used interchangeably with the product itself.For example, Surf excel is detergent. However, a lot of times, soap is just referred to as surf. This means that the brand was successful enough to create an identity for itself. See naming your product isn’t that hard.

    2.Avoid Using Tacky Words And Phrases

    Many businesses, especially clothing or food businesses, try to come up with an extremely hard and difficult to pronounce. They do this by trying to name their product by changing the word into another foreign language. Creatively naming your product doesn’t mean making it complicated.Using tacky is a colossal mistake. If people cannot pronounce or spell the product, how are they supposed to understand what it means? How will the name catch on? How will they recognize or align themselves with the product? Your product will just rust away in a pile of other poorly named products.You may think that some cleverness will create a name that will be recognized. But that is not the case. Your product will be forgotten no matter how exemplary it is. If it confuses the buyers, they will leave befuddled. Remember, they have lives and are busy. They don’t want to decode the mystery behind the product name or the process behind your naming ideology.The only good that might come out of it is that your product name might become an internet meme and gain traction, but what are its chances? We won’t bet on it.

    3. Get Creative With The Name

    Have you heard of a taxicab? Who hasn’t? This is a unique compound word made by creating two names that represent a cab. It is catchy, it is unique, and it is insanely famous. You cannot go wrong with this idea.

    4.Keep It Precise, Concise And Sweet

    Long and wordy names for a product are a terrible idea. You can do all that in the product description. Your name needs to be short and catchy. It needs to grab people’s attention and not take them ages to read.A simple way to go about the naming process is to use alliteration. Alliteration is the occurrence of the same letter in a single word or closely related terms. It creates a memorable impression.Have you heard of Dunkin’ Donuts? Yes, that is an alliteration. It is also sweet and descriptive. Donuts are a great play on the product doughnuts. And have become synonymous with all doughnuts, and the spellings used interchangeably. However, remember Dunkin doughnuts is a brand name. The products support the name like glazed donut shows the characteristic of that particular doughnut.

    5.Use Acronyms

    Another great way to create short names is to use acronyms. It can be a memorable and creative take on long product descriptions or other meaningful words. The acronyms have to be catchy. For example, did you know IKEA is an acronym? It is the abbreviation of IKEA’s founder name conjoined with the name of the farm that he grew up in. Such a no brainer. Yet such an original name.Your product name should not be longer than two syllables. It can disrupt the attention of potential customers. Think of all the product names that are now household names. Is there any that is long and wordy? We’re sure you cannot find such a name.

    6.Use Verbs And Nouns

    Apple is a household name now for tech products. The brand name came about because Steve Jobs had just returned from an apple farm and thought that Apple sounded fun and spirited as a name. We wish product naming could come that easily to all.The products under apple use action verbs, like iTouch. I stand for the internet, but it also stands for individuality and inspiration, Touch describes the function.Look at photoshop. The product is synonymous with editing now. What did they do? Bunched together two simple words, an action verb, a noun, and came up with a creative name.

    7.Let The Name Market Your Product

    While naming your product target market is very important. You developed a product to target a specific market. Think about that market when you are deciding on a name. Will it catch on? Or will it get passed on?If you are creating an app for food delivery, think of who your market is going to be and why they need to purchase their product. Depict their need in your product name. This is something that appeals to the B2C market. Maybe take input from them. Make them feel included in the process.Once you have done all these, don’t forget to test the name out. Use it in your logos, get second opinions. Use it in catalogs or websites. Does it blend in with the overall image of your brand or looks out of place? If you cannot come up with ideas, the internet is your friend.We suggest trying:

    1. BizNamezWiz: They generate names that appeal to the customer and let them know the solution you are going to provide. They use alliteration and names that are brandable. They also look at competitor products and try to gauge what strategy works best for them. They also advise you to take feedback from potential customers.
    2. Brandlance: They ask you for your input and how you think your product name should sound and then generate creative ideas.

    How Do You Tell If Your Product Name Is Right?

    If you followed through with our suggestions, you probably worked up a great name. Still, if you want to be sure, check off and see if the name answers these questions.

    1. Is it in keeping with your brand image, or does it awkwardly stand-out?
    2. Will your customers be able to guess what the product might do?
    3. Does it stand-out amongst competitors?

    Final Word

    It is not that hard to create a product name. You just need to have some patience and some creativity but also simplicity at the same time. Yes, patience can be hard, but you don’t want to go through the costs of changing the names later when you feel they don’t work.Do not forget to test the product names. Make sure they go with the image of your brand and align with the rest of your offerings.If it is your brand’s first product, maybe try keeping the brand name and the product name the same.Now go on and try some new ideas!

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