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The Importance Of Ghostwriting

The Importance Of Ghostwriting
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    Do you want to send a message digitally or in print, but don’t have the time to go through all that trouble? From writing and editing to planning your story, you probably want someone to put your thoughts on paper for you. If that’s the case, then you should hire a ghostwriter.

    When you hear the word Ghostwriter, the only things that come to mind are novelists or writers writing autobiographies for others, but what if there’s more to it.

    Contrary to popular perception, ghostwriters are not restricted to the book publishing industry. You can hire a ghostwriter to build your brand and contribute to your web content, social media, and other forms of content generation.

    Why Should You Hire A Ghostwriter?

    Ghostwriters are experts at what they do. Whether you want to pitch your brand, product, or service, they’ll take care of it. If you’re worried about the quality of content or whether a writer can cater to your niche, you don’t need to because there are different types of writers available, each with their creative skill sets, genres, and content requirements.

    Here are some of the reasons why you should hire a ghostwriter:

    It Saves Time, Resources And Energy

    If you head an organization or perhaps you have your venture, can you spare hours just to write a web copy or generate branding content?

    A writer, however, can save you valuable time. When you delegate tasks to different writers, they are equipped with the times, resources, and skillset to focus on that particular task. Whereas if you sit in front of a blank laptop screen, you’ll probably take hours to finalize a web copy or a blog post.

    Helps With Brand Awareness

    When you hire a writer, you’re practically handing over your brand’s story. As an executive or an entrepreneur yourself, you want to pitch your brand to the masses, but you don’t have time to edit articles, post blogs, and research. Therefore you’ll place writing at the end of your priority list, but hiring a ghostwriter would make things easier.

    Ghost Writers Are Professionals

    When you run a company, don’t you want to hire resources, who are best at what they do? Then why the reluctance with professional ghostwriters?

    Suppose you’re going to hire a freelance writer for your blog, social media, or ebook. You’ll be paying the writer in exchange for accurate and crisp content and like all other professionals. Ghostwriters will hold their end of the bargain.

    When you send mass marketing or subscription emails, do you witness a low click-through rate? That’s because your makeshift writers use cliche content. On the contrary, hiring a professional writer will rebrand your product or service. A writer can be the voice of your brand because you do remember a writer only writes. They don’t have to worry about sales targets, supply chain issues, or annual turnovers. You’ll brief them about the type of content you want, and that’s it.

    No matter how great you are as a business leader, you probably won’t be that great on the communication end. Drafting emails and spending hours on a single page copy is what a professional ghostwriter will do for you.

    They Know SEO Best Practices

    One of the essential bits of modern-day writing is search engine optimization, and professional writers have that on their fingertips. Either it’s an SEO optimized content or no content at all. You don’t have to just communicate the message by hiring a professional writer; in fact, you have to make it visible online.

    It’s not just creating backlinks and using keywords anymore. Your writers need to produce quality content within a limited time frame and make them accessible online. A real writer will be able to write, edit, and plan engaging and authoritative content as per your needs.

    They Produce Authentic Content

    Imagine uploading content on your website, blog, social media, and then a third party lays a claim to it. Because in a rush to outperform our competitors, you never checked for plagiarism. With professional writers, you don’t have to worry about plagiarized content because they produce authentic content.

    What To Look Out For Before Hiring A Ghostwriter?

    Before you hire a ghostwriter, you need to take care of a few things. Since not every Ghostwriter can fulfill your requirements, you need to be sure about a couple of key things that are listed below.

    Establish Your Goals

    You’re hiring a writer, but are you sure about what you want from them? Before hiring a writer, you need to ask yourself a few questions, such as:

    Who Is Your Audience?

    You need to determine a target age group, whether you want to create millennial content, target Gen Z, or perhaps the older lot.

    How Are You Adding Value Through Your Content?

    There is no point in paying for writing if it doesn’t add value. So you need to be clear about your value targets.

    Is Your Content For Mass Consumption Or Is It Niche Specific?

    Your target reach can potentially determine the type of writing you want.

    Until and unless you’re not clear about these questions, you cannot proceed with hiring a professional writer.

    Search For Ghostwriters

    You can’t just type in ‘ghostwriter’ and contact the first few search results. You need to be specific just like you want your writer to be. For instance, if you run a technology website, you can put in the following search parameters:

    • Genre: Non-Fiction
    • Niche: Technology
    • Audience: Web

    Such parameters will help you to narrow down your search and look for the perfect writer. Once you make contact with the writer, brief them about your requirements. You don’t have to go into the details but be specific about what you want from them. In most cases, an initial conversation can quickly tell the type of content you want.

    Run A Background Check

    Just like hiring any other professional, you need to run a background check on the writer. Look at their skill levels, previous writings, and seek responses from their past clients. You can easily access all that information through their profiles, as most of them list their skill levels and clients on their portfolios.

    An essential part of running a background check is to authenticate their writing and check whether they can capture your voice. Remember that you know your audience much before the writer, so if you’re hiring a writer. Their writing shall reflect your brand voice precisely the way you want.

    A reasonable parameter would be to only look for writers that have their websites because their website listings can make your search easier. You’ll be able to authenticate their work, look for sources, check their qualifications, and industry experience.

    Look For Your Comfort

    If you have to communicate with a writer by your firm or you, run your own business. Remember that you’ll be in contact with the writer more than you are in with your colleagues, friends, or family. Therefore you need to go after a comfort level where you can quickly review the content in question.

    If at any stage of negotiation, you feel like you’re not comfortable working with the writer in question, abort, and look for more writers. No matter how great a writer is, if they don’t sound like you, think like you, and write like you in some instances. You won’t be able to work with them.

    Writing is a creative process that warrants a comfortable environment, one where both you and the writer can fully express themselves. Unless you make them happen, keep on looking for more writers.

    Final Word

    While many undermine the abilities and skill sets of a writer, they probably don’t realize the importance and benefits of hiring a writer for one of their projects, such as third party guest contributions, blogs, educational articles, newsletters, and LinkedIn posts. So when you’re hiring one, make sure that you know their potential, and you have to communicate clearly.

    When you hire a writer, you’re creating a synergy between your brand and your target audience. The sooner you’ll realize the value added by a writer, the better you can expand your reach.

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