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The Best Technical Writing Examples

The Best Technical Writing Examples
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    Technical writing refers to content created with the intent of providing specialized knowledge to a specific group of people. Unlike blog writing, technical writing is extremely detailed as it aims to direct someone to increase their skills or abilities. Hence, it is instructional. For this reason, it can be hard for some content writers to indulge in technical writing.Technical writing is very goal-oriented, and for this reason, the writer should know what he wants to accomplish from the content. Is the writing documenting the rules and regulations for an office? Is he trying to write manuals to help consumers understand the product better?If you are considering starting technical writing, read on to find out what type of content you might have to develop as a professional writer and the resources that can ease your fear.

    Examples Of Technical Writing

    Technical writing is used in a wide variety of fields to provide specific instructions. They are also found in everyday examples such as user manuals, training manuals, informative articles, etc. Let’s discuss some below:

    1.User Manuals

    A user manual is the folded piece of paper you receive with any electronic machine or gadget that you buy. It is written in a language that the user of that product will comprehend. A user manual will usually contain:

    • Written Instructions on setting up the product
    • Numbered pictures to accompany the written instructions
    • A flowchart summary of instructions
    • Warranty of the product
    • Troubleshooting guide catering to common problems
    • Disclaimers
    • Contact information of customer support

    A user manual should be easy to follow as a dissatisfied customer might return the product. Thus, the people writing user manuals self-familiarize themselves with the product, and its working to understand the problems that the users might face. In addition to this, the product development team might guide the writer beforehand.

    2.Standard Operating Procedures

    As the name suggests, Standard operating procedures define the processes in an organization of achieving routine tasks. SOPs are in place to ensure that if more than one employee is doing a particular job, the process’s result is the same. SOPs also ensure that if an employee is absent, his task can quickly be taken over by other employees in minimal time.

    3.Training Manuals

    Most companies develop a training manual to give employees instructions to improve their quality of tasks.They are used to train new incoming employees and include operating hours, company policies, details, and instructions about the duties that the employee needs to overlook, etc.

    4.Annual Reports

    Companies listed on the stock exchange need to provide information to their shareholders regarding the stock’s annual performance and other aspects of the companies information that might have affected the performance. In this case, the technical writer spends time collecting information by working with relevant people and attractively presenting it.

    5.Technological Marketing Communications

    Frequently a technical writer is required to give his expertise for producing marketing content for a product. This is because a technical writer will communicate marketing plans from the producer to the buyer in a more user-friendly language. A technical writer in such a situation might be required to:

    • Write sales pitches to potential customers, especially in the B2B e-commerce market, where the main product is a software as a service.
    • Write articles that are informative to show customers that the software/product will help them ease workflow.
    • Write specific and detailed case studies that show how their service or product benefited a company or individual.

    6. Research Results

    Products that involve a lot of research such as pharmaceutical or medical devices are made available with the findings based on laboratory and field research. The research has to be extremely detailed since this type of research involves facts and answering concerns. Hence, information cannot be miscited or wrongly stated.The above examples make it clear that technical writing caters to particular audiences. It is not meant to be read or understood by all. Other examples of technical writing include legal disclaimers, orientation plans, help files, etc.If you are looking for resources that would help you with technical writing, continue reading!

    Resources To Help You With Technical Writing

    The best way to go about technical writing is to look at some samples and copy their flow and style. Thankfully, a lot of resources are available that you can refer to.

    • Prismnet: This site contains examples of models of every kind of technical writing imaginable. It has samples for SOPs, user guides, feasibility reports, primary research reports, etc. The only problem that you might face is that many of these examples are old. However, when it comes to technical writing, format, organization, style matter, not up to date technology, and those are the boxes that these resource checks.
    • Some companies provide examples of technical writing as a means to market their agency. These examples are good references, and you should review them before writing your own. These include JPC Media, LLC, Warthman Associates.

    Final Word

    The primary purpose of technical writing is to communicate specific information or impart particular knowledge to a particular audience. For this reason, it is very detail-oriented and comprehensive.There are many different types of technical writing. If you are interested in taking up a job as a technical writer or include technical writing in your freelance work, you should try to find the industry that you are interested in and then do your research. Try reaching out to people, make a portfolio, and an excellent cover letter to land your first gig as a technical writer!

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