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Travel Content Writing and Marketing Tips

Travel Content Writing and Marketing Tips
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    Any travel-related business marketing relies on the emotions, expectations, excitement, and fun associated with adventure and leisure tourism. Whether advertising a destination, local business, booking agency, museum, sightseeing tour, or restaurant, your goal should be to become part of the unforgettable memories your potential customers make while travelling.

    There are many advertising and promotion methods in the travel industry, but providing helpful editorial content remains one of the best. Focusing on content allows you to reach your goals quickly and effectively—appealing to customers and search engines.

    Read on to learn what makes and breaks excellent travel content today and uncover valuable tips you can apply to your travel content, writing, and marketing efforts.

    The Perks of Providing Unique Editorial Travel Content

    An immeasurable number of travel content pieces on the internet (many of them simply recycled or spun from existing texts and images) make it challenging for brands to get found by their target audience and build a trusting relationship. However, it’s by no means an impossible task, given that around 80% of travel bookings are made online.

    The key to successful travel content marketing in our hyper-connected world is having a thorough understanding of the value of resourceful, well-written content. The best content writers in the travel industry know their craft. Working with them can make a noticeable difference to your brand image, customer relationships, lead conversions, and search rankings.

    Reasons to Invest in Unique Travel Content

    There are many excellent reasons to invest in creating unique editorial travel content written by a professional content writer. Do this, and you will:

    • Enhance and shape your brand’s unique voice online
    • Stand out in an ocean of spun and tool-generated content
    • Raise brand awareness sustainably and engagingly
    • Communicate with your target audience on a personal level
    • Save costs for marketing efforts in the long term
    • Create more leads (+67% on average)
    • Gain trust from your customer base by providing authentic and helpful information
    • Become your audience’s go-to source for helpful content and, consequently, quality travel services or products
    • Promote your high-quality content with ease
    • Achieve outstanding results with customers and search engines

    Travel Content Writing Services Tailored to Your Needs

    Do you want to improve your travel content marketing but don’t know how or where to start? Would you like to work with experienced, in-demand content writers long-term but aren’t sure how to hire the best talent?

    The Happy Beavers’ content writing services are the ideal choice when it comes to hiring expert content writers. We offer our clients the best content writers in the travel industry. You can browse our writers’ sample articles and blog posts before committing, or our strategists can shortlist the best writer for your needs. To help us find you an ideal travel content writer, describe your project requirements when you get in touch.

    The What, How, Why, and Who of Editorial Travel Content

    Now, let’s move into the centre of the travel content creation world. To understand your goals and needs and define an outline for your content marketing strategy, you must understand the four pillars of editorial travel content: the what, how, why, and who.

    Analysing these four points will provide you with a clear understanding of the foundational principles of contemporary travel content marketing.

    What Is Editorial Travel Content?

    Instead of a direct product, service, or brand promotion (say, banner advertising, for example), publishing editorial travel content is a more subtle marketing approach. After all, all you’re doing is sharing valuable information on your platform, often written from a personal point of view.

    Travel content should be engaging and genuinely helpful for your readers. It should help them make travel choices. For you, as a business owner or manager, it’s a highly effective way to build trust with your audience and increase lead conversion. This is why the best content writers in the travel industry cultivate a personal, authentic voice; they help you share a one-of-a-kind experience with your customers, leaving them well-informed and inspired.

    Travel content formats in 2022 include blog posts, itineraries, insider tips lists, and interactive and immersive video journals or diaries. You can publish these pieces of content on your online platform (such as your website) and social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

    A How to Write Gripping Content for Travel Blogs?

    There’s a veritable ocean of travel blogs online today, yet only a handful attract a loyal, engaged audience and hit home with their content marketing. The competition for content marketing in the travel industry is fierce, with big players with equally big budgets—think national airlines, luxury hotel chains, and popular accommodation booking websites—dominating the market. However, an experienced content writer for a travel blog knows how to overcome these challenges and avoid the most common reasons content marketing fails.

    A significant difference between “okay” and “gripping” travel content is that okay content is non-specific; it tries to speak to everyone and, as a result, reaches no one. This is why the number one rule for writing gripping content for travel blogs is to approach it with a clear outline and write to a specific—even if imaginary—target customer. Always consider your target audience and the knowledge and experiences they might already have with a place, service, or product. How can you best serve your buyer persona’s interests? What do they need, and what do they not yet know?

    Style-wise, you should also write authentically using your brand voice to let your readers into your world. Keep your message short, sweet, easily digestible, and simple—we cannot stress the importance of this enough. There’s a reason why the KISS principle, which originated in the 60s, remains as relevant as ever.

    The cherry on top of every piece of high-quality editorial travel content is well-placed visual elements. Videos, photos, illustrations, and charts are proven to make content more understandable and memorable for your readers. They also help you achieve a better rank on Google search. We live in a golden age for visual content. Embrace content to profit from the advantages it provides.

    Who Is the Ideal Target Reader for Travel Content?

    There’s no one way to define the deal target reader for your travel content. Your target audience depends on what kind of business you own, the products or services you sell, and the purpose of your travel content. For example, a newly-founded online travel agency specialising in tours through the Middle East has different needs than an established boutique hotel wanting to target younger travellers.

    Thankfully, you use existing online data to identify and better understand your target reader base. This includes customer data from your own platform, ROI numbers from past campaigns, Google

    and social media platform analytics, online reviews and customer feedback, and your competition’s activities. These valuable tools help you uncover who your ideal reader is (and who they’re not) and what gets them excited.

    Regarding content creation in the travel industry, it’s essential to consider what your reader is looking for at all stages of the customer journey. They can be divided into five groups:

    1. Readers who don’t yet have travel plans
    2. Readers in the process of decision-making
    3. Readers making their initial travel bookings, such as flights or accommodations
    4. Readers making additional bookings for local transport, sightseeing, restaurants, and more
    5. Readers already travelling in your area

    A professional content writing service provider like The Happy Beavers can guide you through the steps of identifying your ideal reader during their customer journey and help you tailor your travel content strategy to their persona.

    Why Is Authenticity Important in Travel Content?

    The word “authenticity” probably sounds like a buzzword to you—especially concerning the travel and tourism industry. Despite that, it’s undeniable that today’s tourists crave an authentic experience—a real, unique, local experience over mass tourism attractions and chauffeured tours—when visiting a new site or country. People have this desire firmly in mind when searching for a new adventure or inspiring holiday, making this an important concept to consider when creating content for the travel industry.

    Nobody wants to read the same information about a local attraction repeatedly. Instead, most travel content readers look for on-the-ground insights into the experiences, perks, or challenges of the location they want to visit. They’re seeking insider knowledge from a real person—someone just like them. They don’t want to be sold a product; they’re looking for an experience.

    In short, you want your written and visual content to be relatable to your target reader. It needs to feel genuine to them. Spun or auto-generated content filled with cheap stock photos are a death knoll in the travel industry.

    Authenticity is vital when posting editorial travel content on all your channels—not just your website. While your various platforms should have a similar look and feel, the content you post on your blog versus your Instagram profile must be tailored to the unique needs of the different platforms’ audiences.

    For example, a long-form topic-focused blog post from your website could be repurposed on Instagram as a video diary or infographic. You can include a link in the text to the original blog post. Just be sure to emulate the same brand persona on each platform, keeping everything from tone to language consistent.

    The Hottest Trends in Travel Marketing in 2022

    The internet never sleeps, so it probably comes as no surprise that the new ways to reach online travel customers are constantly emerging. We all need some inspiration sometimes, so we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled a list of the hottest, most ROI-boosting travel marketing trends in 2022. Take a look:

    • TikTok marketing: Having surpassed Facebook and Instagram as the most used social media app worldwide, TikTok provides myriad opportunities to publish visual (and often quickly viral) content to inspire your target audience.
    • Remarketing: Remarketing involves reminding website visitors of your offer by following them around Google and social media with targeted and personalised ads.
    • User-Generated Content (UGC): UGC is content created by your audience rather than you. This includes videos, photos, comments, and reviews. Because UGC is automatically authentic, it builds customer loyalty and encourages further engagement with your brand.
    • VR marketing: Use 360-degree and virtual reality videos to help potential customers experience your offer more interactively or virtually visit your location before making a purchase.
    • Review marketing: 95% of travellers booking online read reviews before they click that “buy now” button. Reviews should be an integral part of your travel marketing strategy. Encourage customers to leave reviews and share the most positive on all relevant platforms.
    • Influencer marketing: Cooperating with social media influencers is another excellent way to reach your target audience. For example, provide them with a free travel product, a night’s stay in your hotel, or tickets to your attraction in exchange for sharing posts, stories, and videos of their experience with their audiences.


    Avid travellers climb mountains, cross rivers, and picnic in meadows of wildflowers. They look for travel experiences that will give them memories to treasure for a lifetime. The best travel content caters to this need, creating a virtual journey that gives the reader a sense of what to expect from atravel product or service—in an exciting, experiential way. Our content writers do not just write travel content; they tease readers with a taste of what’s to come if they commit.

    Find Your Travel Content Writer Today With The Happy Beavers

    Find the best travel content writer for your travel business or travel blog by exploring our database of professional content writers. You can browse our writers’ sample articles and blog posts before committing, or our strategists can shortlist the best writers for your needs. To help us find you an ideal travel content writer, describe your project requirements in detail when you get in touch with us.

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