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Maltese: The only Semitic language in Europe

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10 facts about the Maltese language


Maltese is significantly similar to the Phoenician language, which was once spoken in the ancient Mediterranean region.


The Maltese language is usually written in the Latin alphabet, like the English language.


The Maltese language has borrowed multiple words from Sicilian, Italian and English.


Maltese has a bit of French influence which is evident in words such asqasim (chemise shirt) andingravatta (cravat tie).


Approximately half a million people speak the Maltese language around the world.


After Malta joined the European Union, Maltese became an official language of the European Union.


Maltese is a co-official language of Malta, along with English.


The Maltese language is not only known as “Maltese,” but it is also called the Malti language.


Maltese is part of an Afro-Asiatic language family containing multiple other languages.


In Maltese, the articleil-becomesl-before or after a vowel in, for example, il-missier (the father) andl-omm (the mother).

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Origin of the language

Maltese originated in the Emirate of Sicily.

History of the language

It is thought that Maltese originated in 750 B.C.

Learning the language

It takes about 50 hours to learn Maltese as an English speaker.

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Maltese language for beginners

Ten basic words to start learning in Maltese:







Thank you=Grazzi




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Fun facts about the Maltese language

Contains Arabic influence

Arabic has had a great impact on the Maltese language in terms of food, music, and culture.

Increased number of letters

The Maltese language has 30 letters which are more than the 26 alphabet letters of English language.

Six popular dialects

The Maltese language has 6 popular dialects: Gozo, Port, Maltese, East Maltese, Zurrieq and West Maltese.

Oldest known document

The oldest known document in Maltese isIl Cantilena, a poem from the 15th century.

Official language of Malta

Maltese is the national and, with English, the co-official language of Malta. Until 1934, Italian had long been the official language.

Unique letters

Maltese has 6 unique letters, and each is pronounced differently. These are Ċ, Ġ, GĦ, Ħ, IE, and Ż.

Second oldest document

The second-oldest Maltese document is a poem written in the 17th century, titled Mejju gie bil-Ward u Zaharwhich is generally known as “May is Here.”

Presence of two patterns

Some aspects of Maltese grammar exhibit two patterns: a Semitic and a Romance pattern in the language.

Ancestor of Maltese language

Siculo-Arabic is known as the ancestor of the Maltese or Malti language and has contributed to the vocabulary.

Primarily a spoken language

For many years, the Maltese language was a language spoken but unwritten; during this time, no grammatical rules were followed.

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