Accessible language services

Linguistic services that will open up borders for your ideas or products. We help people and companies to be understood anywhere, by anyone.

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12. Who we are

Who we are

The Happy Beavers is an international team of professionals who aim to redefine language services. We bring together our skills, creativity and extensive experience to provide the best possible content in any language.

Thanks to the new generation quality assurance tools, we combine machine efficiency with human creativity and expertise. Everything foreign becomes accessible and easy to understand.

What we do

Custom content solutions that match your needs.

We handle projects of any size and complexity fast and affordable.

Written translations

We’ve spent years translating one language into another. From legal agreements to websites and novels, our team has experience in a great variety of subjects. We define the specific tone and message of each text and convey them seamlessly into another language. Trustworthiness, accuracy, creativity and timeliness are our priorities.


Editing and proofreading

Our native-speaking professionals will make sure your content communicates naturally and effectively. Proofreaders with a sharp eye for details will correct spelling and grammar errors, while editors will check the document for clarity, word choice and consistency. You will receive the text clear and spotless.



Let’s put your ideas into words that will reach your audience’s hearts. Either you need to get the reader into action or to expand your internet presence, we can do both. Each job is assigned to a skilled native speaker experienced in your subject. You will get original and well-written content that evokes emotions and engages with the audience. Even search engine bots won’t remain indifferent.