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Let our Beavers gnaw through your toughest projects

With The Happy Beavers content project management packages, we construct an ecosystem that takes your project from ideation to content creation and evaluation to create content that gets your business noticed online. Our army of busy beavers will take care of writing, editing, translating and optimising to your specifications, ensuring the success of your project while saving you time and expenses.

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We can help you

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Big Business

Need to generate a ton of dam good content? Our Beavers can do the heavy lifting to get your project done.



Plenty of clients but tight on time? We can build a dam of content to ensure your lodge continues to thrive.

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Content Creators

Whether you’re an affiliate marketer or have another content-dependent business, we can manage the production process.

Our project management services

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Project planning & design

We do, you approve

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Our most experienced linguists are on the job

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Budget allocation & optimization

We minimize costs and maximize efficiency

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Evaluation & quality control

Dam good copy – and tons of it

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