the right audience with appealing SEO content writing

Don’t chase the wrong audience with a plain keywords strategy but rather focus on getting traffic that converts! Our unique AI-based approach to SEO and content strategy helps your customers to find you and accompany them through their buyer’s journey.


pillars of SEO



Content is the best instrument when it comes to ranking and increasing conversion, if only it brings value and helps find answers your potential customers are looking for. That’s why we assist you in creating helpful pain-point content that addresses the needs of your customers and offers clear solutions to their problems.



Get your website optimized to gain customers and not lose them on the way. Our team is ready to help you with on-page optimizations, making your site mobile-friendly and fast-loading. By working on technical improvements such as building easy navigation, comprehensive website structure and compelling CTAs, we will also increase your conversion rate.



SEO doesn’t stop with your website, we also take care of what happens outside of it. By suitable linkbuilding strategy and addressing third-parties write about your company, we help you gain trust-worthiness and reliable reputation in the search engine.

Local SEO

Get your website optimized for the local market, focusing on your specific target audience in the location you aim to cover. We assist you in researching targeted keywords for the specific location, trends among your audience and implement the improvements based on the information acquired.

Blog Content Marketing

Use your blog as an instrument to improve ranking. Remember that only helpful information that provides value to your readers helps rank higher. That’s why we produce engaging and helpful blog articles for your target audience along with the targeted keywords that add effectiveness to the quality content.

Ecommerce SEO

Gain visibility and increase your conversion rate by optimizing your product descriptions. By conducting research on the audience you want to target, we help you with writing product descriptions that address potential customers pain points and appeal to their needs. Additionally, we can work on a suitable backlink strategy to improve your ranking.

Business Development

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Our brands

With 5 years of experience, we know how to provide content writing services that shoot businesses to the first page of Google. We’ve done it in more than 10 languages for clients such as Indeed, Get Your Lawyer, Uptain, and Hostinger.

Customer Stories

how we produced 75 in-depth career guides in Swedish to help Indeed outperform its competitors in this market.
Career guides that rank first in Google

How we boosted our client’s SERP ranking by creating high-quality, SEO-friendly content

Legal sector articles that bring real traffic

How we created engaging, SEO-friendly legal articles that drive traffic

14,000+ link- building articles for an SEO service agency

This is how we partnered with an international link building agency and wrote 14,000+ articles

Out of 120 articles for Get Your Lawyer

0 %

rank first on Google

After one year

0 %

of these contents still rank first on Google

Benefits of working with us


one party in charge of the whole process from analysis and consultancy to content creation and optimization, no middle-men that take time and money


take advantage of the whole company’s SEO knowledge, not just one expert

No hiring

our writers are hired based on carefully-evaluated criteria; you save time spent on choosing who to hire and controlling their work quality

Control over progress and resources

monthly briefings with us where we look at what is done well, what can be done better and how your resources are best allocated

Our process

Initial consultancy call,

defining goals and budget.

We tell you how your resources should be allocated best: which aspects of SEO are optimal for you and will bring effective results at this stage

We start working, analysing your current SEO situation, conducting AI-based keyword research and creating content portfolio based on information discovered.

We keep track of your progress and conduct monthly meetings to discuss it with you

To move forward with your personalised SEO strategy!

get a Free advice form our Content Experts


Frequently asked questions

Why is your initial SEO audit not free?

We strive for delivering the most helpful and professional results compare to average audit that you can try for free anywhere on the Internet. You want to see effective results - we organize our team of professional, put effort in not only in-depth analysis but also presenting it to you in a way that is understandable and can help you make improvements.

Do you have a base quote or how much do I pay for your SEO strategy?

Every client has a different budget and we respect that. SEO services should be affordable for anyone and we want to put maximum effort in providing you with our expertise and knowledge whether your budget is lower or higher that someone else. That’s why, first we ask you how much you want to invest and then see what SEO improvements we can implement for that investment.

How do you conduct a keyword research?

Using AI-based 150+ data points we conduct a keywords analysis on your target audience’s pain points and search trends. Later on, we share a report that allows you to look in the bigger picture of what is currently working and where there is a room for SEO improvements.

Do you use black-hat SEO?

We do not use black-hat SEO as in the long-term it may bring more harm to your website. Instead, we provide you with the content that truly brings value, consists of natural links, and is recognized by Google.