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What is topical authority?

Topical authority in SEO means how much a website is seen as a good source of information about a certain topic by search engines like Google. The more people trust the website for information, the higher it will rank in search results. This can happen by having relevant information and having other websites link to it as a reliable source.

How do you build topical authority?

To build topical authority on a website, it is crucial to create new and useful content about a specific topic. This type of content should be relevant to the target audience and provide value, answering their questions and solving their problems. By consistently producing high-quality and original content, you demonstrate your expertise and credibility in the field, attracting backlinks from other authoritative websites, and establishing yourself as a trusted source of information on that topic. This can help improve your website's visibility and search engine rankings, and increase user engagement.

Clients come to us with different needs and requirements but all receive results that bring them to the next level of their business growth. Here are our recent clients who managed to outperform competitors in their field.



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still rank on page 1 in Google for their target keyword.


When Indeed entered the Swedish market, they wanted to create high-quality content that outranks their competitors to attract specifically job applicants. Out of 75 articles we wrote for them, 84% still rank on page 1 in Google for their target keyword.


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rank within the top-3 on Google for their target keyword.

Get Your Lawyer

Get Your Lawyer wanted to rank for people trying to find legal assistance in the German-speaking Switzerland. We produced 120 high-quality articles for them, out of which 51% rank within the top-3 on Google for their target keyword.


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rank on the first page of Google

Affiliate client

Our affiliate client wanted to rank high with content about crypto trading in the German market. Out of 199 articles we wrote, 58.3% rank on the first page of Google providing the client with thousands of new leads every month.

Here is how we can help you rank high for your niche topic


Setting up the plan

Initial consultancy to discuss your needs and goals is crucial to achieve good results. After we learn about you, we can effectively develop a topic that you should aim to rank for.


Creating a Content Hub

After identifying the topic, we make a clear plan of what content needs to be produced and get to the execution part. To make sure you receive high-quality content , we involve all the necessary people such as content experts, writers and editors along with a QA specialist. We also focus on the value that your content will bring to your audience


Monitoring and optimising

In order to achieve best results, it is crucial to monitor the progress. We want you to make progress with the content hub we produce for you. That’s why for 3 months we will be monitoring your content results while optimising it to achieve the best possible results.

As the result, you rank high for the topic in your niche


Frequently asked questions

Why is topical authority important?

We strive for delivering the most helpful and professional results compare to average audit that you can try for free anywhere on the Internet. You want to see effective results - we organize our team of professional, put effort in not only in-depth analysis but also presenting it to you in a way that is understandable and can help you make improvements.

What is a topical map in SEO?

Every client has a different budget and we respect that. SEO services should be affordable for anyone and we want to put maximum effort in providing you with our expertise and knowledge whether your budget is lower or higher that someone else. That’s why, first we ask you how much you want to invest and then see what SEO improvements we can implement for that investment.