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Ukrainian: The second most melodic language in the world

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10 facts about the Ukrainian language


Ukrainian is 26th most spoken language in the world with 37 million native and 15 million who speak Ukrainian as a second language.


The Ukrainian language has more than 5 million synonyms. For example, there are 12 synonyms for horizon.


More than other languages, Ukrainian uses diminutive forms. Native speakers even use diminutive word forms for enemies (вороженьки).


The modern Ukrainian language has more than 256,000 words, according to the official dictionary.


As a part of the East Slavic subgroup of Slavic languages, its closest relatives are the Belarusian and Polish languages.


The most common letter used in the Ukrainian language is “П” (P). The greatest number of words in Ukrainian begin with this character.


Ukrainians can’t tell the difference between the Latin letters “G” and “H.” The language has a standard G and a normal “H” but also a Slavic “Г” that make a sound somewhere between the sounds of these two letters.


Scholars claim the Ukrainian language is the oldest of all living Slavic languages originating from the Old Slavic language.


The modern Ukrainian language has three dialects: northern, southeastern and southwestern.


The first “Азбука,” or ABC book, was printed in Lviv in 1574, and the publisher of the issue was Ivan Fedorov.

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Origin of the language

The Ukrainian language emerged in the area of modern day Ukraine.

History of the language

It is believed that language dates back to 858.

Learning the language

It takes 1,100 hours to learn Ukrainian as an English speaker.

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Ukrainian language for beginners

These are ten basics words to start learning Ukrainian language

True: правда (pravda)

New: новий (novyy)

Style: стиль (styl’)

Hi: Привіт (Pryvit)

Sad: Сумний (sumnyy)

Come: прийти (pryyty)

Way: спосіб (sposib)

Bye: до побачення (do pobachennya)

Love: любов (lyubov)

Good: добре (dobre)

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Happy is the one who achieved the happy life. The happier one is the one who is able to make use of it.

Grigory Skovoroda

Philosopher, poet, and teacher

Being around the masters of their work is somehow easier. They’re like Atlas, holding skies on their shoulders. Because of that, heights exist.

Lina Kostenko

Poet and writer

Thinking well about virtues still doesn’t mean having them.

Kostyantyn Ushinsky

Teacher and writer

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Fun facts about the Ukrainian language

A Ukrainian holiday

The Ukrainian language has its own holiday. On November 9, The Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language is celebrated.

The longest word

The longest word in the Ukrainian language has 30 letters. The word “dihlordifeniltrihlormetilmetan” is the name of a chemical used for pest control.

There are three types of Arabic

The Arabic language can be classified into three standards, namely; Classical, Modern Standard, and Colloquial Arabic.

The rarity of F

The least used letter of the official Ukrainian alphabet is “F”, according to linguistic statistics.

Yes, no conundrum

Ukrainian has a unique phrase in “Ta ni” which literally translates to “yes, no.” It can be confusing, but in most cases, it means “no, well, no” or “I don’t know.”

Only two seven-letter palindromes

The Ukrainian language is not known for palindromes, but it does have only two seven-letter ones: rotator and tartrate.

Neuter gendered nouns for cubs

In the Ukrainian language, all offspring of animals are gendered nouns of the neuter class, such as cub, calf, tadpole, pup.

7 cases for nouns

Contrary to other East Slavic languages, the nouns have 7 cases in Ukrainian language, similar to Croatian.

Most translated Ukrainian text

The most translated Ukrainian literary work is the poetry book Testament by Taras Shevchenko, which has been translated into 147 languages.

A literary language since 1798

At the end of the 18th century, Ivan Kotlyarevsky released the first edition of “Eneiida,” elevating Ukrainian to the literary level.

A nine-letter abbreviation

“ЦНДІТЕДМП” is the longest abbreviation in Ukrainian; it means Central Research Institute of Information and Technical and Economic Researches on Logistics.

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