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How to Hire a Long-Term Good Writer

How to Hire a Long-Term Good Writer
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    An effective way to boost your business is to hire a long-term good writer. Their skills can be applied to a successful content marketing strategy that will consistently create quality copy. This, no doubt, is time-consuming and demanding. You’ll want to have a copywriter on your team who understands your business and knows how to communicate with your audience.

    Not only will they be able to create appropriate and well-written pieces, but they will establish a connection with your audience. Hiring a good content writer for the long term will also allow you to ensure the frequency of your posts. These are highly rated criteria for ranking well in search engines.

    Models for hiring content writers

    There is no single solution as to how to hire a long-term good writer. There are different hiring models, which you need to evaluate based on your needs and the characteristics of the project. Below we briefly describe the available avenues and explain the advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

    a) Hiring a full–time employee

    You may think that the solution to your content needs is to hire a full-time writer. As an employee of your company, the writer will have the opportunity to get to know your business in depth. Also, communication with other employees will be faster and smoother, enabling them to easily obtain the information needed to write content.

    However, this has budgetary implications and entails labor obligations, which should be carefully evaluated. Keep in mind that you will be committed to paying a monthly salary, even if the volume of work is low. If, on the other hand, you need to produce large amounts of content, a single writer may not be sufficient.

    Another aspect to consider is the type of content pieces. Writing for social media requires different skills than writing a white paper. While you might find a versatile writer, it is rather unlikely that the individual will be proficient in all writing styles.

    b) Hiring a freelance writer

    Recruiting a freelancer is another option for hiring a good writer on a long-term basis. This is a much more flexible business arrangement that frees you from work burdens. Generally, freelance writers charge an hourly or word rate. In some cases, it is possible to agree on a fixed price for the entire project.

    This is a scalable model that can be adapted to your content needs and allows for a better use of resources. However, it has its disadvantages as well. With freelance writers, there may be difficulty in getting timely responses. This could lead to some bottlenecks.

    Moreover, you will have to invest time in selecting and hiring writers for each assignment. Some writers may have a greater learning curve than others. This is important as you will need to make sure they understand your industry and are familiar with your company’s tone of voice.

    c) Hiring a content creation company

    What is the best way to hire a long-term good writer without so many complications? A content creation company is probably the easiest solution. In this case, agencies are responsible for recruiting writers and verifying their suitability for each project.

    Furthermore, they guarantee compliance with delivery dates and can respond to all your needs. They have a large group of experts available to meet your requests. They also apply strict proofreading and editing criteria to ensure the quality of the content pieces.

    The main advantages of hiring a good writer on a long-term basis through a content creation company are:

    • Myriad and diverse talents with the ability to adapt to different formats and industries
    • Scalable services that guarantee on-time delivery, regardless of the volume of work. You can easily contract any format from one social media post to more than 1,000 blog articles.
    • Save time and resources. Content creation companies can handle the strategy, writing or management of the entire project. By delegating all these functions, your team can concentrate on the most important tasks. They won’t have to spend valuable hours of their day coordinating the work of different vendors.

    Types of content writers

    The second point of this definitive guide on how to hire a long-term good writer refers to the profile of the writer. We have previously alluded to the differences that exist between the different types of texts. Now we would like to delve a little deeper into the subject.

    To choose the best talent for your project you need to consider many aspects. Writing skills are a basic criterion, but they should not be the only criterion. The content writer you select must be able to adapt to the style and tone of voice of your business. It is also crucial that they are familiar with the platforms where your content will be published.

    In fact, professionals usually specialize in one writing format. Roughly speaking, we can classify them as follows:

    a) Blog or article content writer

    Blog posts are very effective in getting organic traffic to your website. These types of content pieces should be engaging and provide useful information to readers. They are usually long-form content, requiring research and prior knowledge of the subject matter. Consequently, it is advisable that the writer has experience and affinity with the topic.

    b) Copywriter

    In advertising agencies, copywriters are responsible for creating slogans for advertisements. This requires excellent synthesis skills and the ability to convey complex messages in short, cleverly worded sentences. Often, they also include calls to action. As such, copywriters are ideal for producing content for social networks, online stores and websites.

    c) Technical writer

    When it comes to specialized content, it is essential that the writer is familiar with the industry and its jargon. To connect with your audience, you must use their language and master the technicalities of your business. Technical writers can command slightly higher rates, as they tend to be experts in the field.

    d) Ghostwriter

    Knowing how to a hire long-term good writer is particularly important when engaging a ghostwriter. At the end of the day, we are talking about content pieces that will be published in your name or your company’s name. In other words, the writer’s name will not appear as the author of the text.

    Many public figures use ghostwriters to write their books or web pages. Although these are published as works of their authorship, they have, in fact, been written by third parties. Obviously, the signing of a confidentiality agreement and the assignment of rights is indispensable.

    Similarly, ghostwriters play a key role in content marketing. To position themselves on networks, brands need to produce a large number of pieces on a regular basis. This is why the work is delegated to several ghostwriters, who must ensure consistency and uniformity of style in the pieces.

    Tips for hiring a long-term good writer

    Now that you’ve decided how to hire the type of writer you need, you can start looking for suitable talent. This process may be a little more difficult than you think. There are many writers out there, but to effectively narrow down the selection, it’s best to start off on the right foot.

    Be sure to clearly define the purpose and expected results of the project. Let the candidates know what their responsibilities will be. Preparing a detailed job description will save you a lot of headaches and avoid delays and setbacks.

    Consider aspects such as expected time commitment, workflow, budget and desired training or experience. This will help you filter the most suitable writers for your project.

    It is highly recommended that you ask writers to submit samples of their work. This can help you take account of their style and evaluate the quality of their writing. Check spelling and syntax and pay close attention to the organization and linking of ideas.

    How to pre-select the best writers

    To hire a long term good writer, you will need to verify their familiarity with the project. An interview is an excellent way to obtain additional information before making a decision. As you are likely to receive a large number of proposals, you should make a short list of your requirements.

    It is a good idea to create a template that allows you to systematize the classification of prospects. For example, you can create categories such as:

    • Industry knowledge
    • Experience with the format
    • Rates
    • Availability
    • Project requirements (SEO knowledge, mastery of tools or software programs, etc.)
    • Quality of sample text

    To optimize the process of hiring a good writer for the long term, be strict with the evaluation. After applying these filters, you should have a list of about 10 potential candidates.

    Interview and test work

    The interview and test work are the final assessment criteria for hiring a long-term good writer. The interview allows you to assess the candidate’s level of interest and compatibility with the project. So, it makes sense to address issues such as availability and time preferences, knowledge of the industry and references from other clients.

    Don’t overlook terms of payment. Some freelance writers may have limitations in issuing invoices or difficulties adapting to your company’s payment policy.

    Use the interview as an opportunity to give them a short assignment. Even if you have received samples of previous work, this is your opportunity to see how they respond to a specific request as a small test.

    Analyze their ability to create content that is engaging and inviting to read. Assess the richness of the vocabulary and the appropriateness of the tone of voice. The writing test will also provide you with information about the candidate’s ability to follow instructions and accept feedback.

    In this brief guide on how to hire a long-term good writer, we have summarized the essentials. On our blog, you will find other valuable resources, which will help you outsource content creation effectively.

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