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How to Outsource Content Writing Successfully

How to Outsource Content Writing Successfully
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    Digital marketing is now an essential resource for any company. In recent years, it has garnered great attention and has grown spectacularly; this has, in fact, led to the professionalization of the activity. In particular, content marketing has proven to be one of the most effective tools for prompting conversions. However, relevant and quality pieces must be created to achieve successful results. Hiring an expert content writing service can be a profitable investment that will bring you multiple benefits. 

    ​What is content outsourcing and how does it work?

    Content outsourcing consists of delegating the creation of your digital marketing pieces to qualified third parties. Even if you use social media regularly and know your business inside out, managing branded content can be tricky. Content marketing requires knowledge and experience in specific channels and campaigns.

    An effective digital strategy must be executed carefully. Content marketing is a powerful tool that can increase visits and interactions as well as sales. As with any other craft, proficiency lies in mastering the techniques while dedicating time and analysis to its realization. The task itself in rather involved so it is difficult to run a business and manage digital marketing properly at the same time.

    A few posts a month or a week are not enough to attract and retain your audience. Content must be continuously updated and improved; it must respond to the needs of your followers. You should be aware of what is trending and offer relevant content that will direct visitors and customers through the sales funnel. Measure, analyze, adjust and start again. Content creation is a full-time job.

    7 benefits of outsourcing content creation

    Outsourced content writing can be very advantageous. This involves hiring a professional service that will aid you in attaining your digital marketing goals. If you have doubts about the benefits of hiring these services, here are 7 good reasons to outsource:

    Resource optimization


    Hiring an expert content writing service will give you more free time to dedicate to your business. Writing a blog post can take hours of work, and it may benefit your business more to spend this time developing strategic work. Content creation requires dedication and expertise.

    Besides, it’s not merely the question of writing a text; the text must be optimized and promoted via different channels.

    Although, at first glance, it might seem like a large expense, but, in reality, by foregoing these services, you could end up losing money. Consider it an investment that will bring you higher quality content and concrete results.

    Frequency of publications


    Outsourced content writing will allow you to increase the frequency of your posts. Quality pieces require time to research, create, edit and optimize. Therefore, it is difficult for one person to produce all the content. To maintain an active presence in the minds of your consumers, your digital presence must be continuously updated.



    Hiring from quality content writing services is more cost effective than hiring a writer. With this approach, you only have to pay for the content produced, without any payroll costs. Equipment replacement costs and supplies will also decrease.



    Additionally, when you outsource content writing, you gain flexibility. At certain times of the year, your digital strategy may require a greater workload, while at others it may decrease. Moreover, you will not be limited to a specific writer; you can assign topics according to the skills of different contributors. If of interest, you will also have the option to experiment with different perspectives and narrative styles.

    Various points of view


    Quality content writing services employ fresh ideas and alternative approaches. The experience of your collaborators will enable you to discover new ways to create relevant content for your audience. In addition, the writers at these services are often aware of current digital marketing trends and can guide your strategy accordingly.

    Different formats and types of content


    Digital marketing includes multiple communication channels; each of these has its own unique features. There are great differences between writing a blog post and a Twitter post or an e-book. In social media networks, graphic elements become very important; they are often the mainstay, as in the case of Instagram. Outsourced content writing will allow you to utilize diverse talents and experts in each of your relevant areas.

    Accurate ROI measurement


    Quality content writing services can determine the actual performance of each piece, based on your business goals. This will enable you to calculate the return on investment and adjust your strategy accordingly. There are different types of metrics depending on the goals. For example, you can measure the relationship of a particular piece of content with the:
    • Number of visits and number of followers
    • Audience interaction
    • Conversion rate

    Tips for successful content creation outsourcing

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    The key to successful content creation outsourcing is planning. Before delegating these tasks, you must define what you want to achieve, what resources you have available and how you plan to use them. This decision involves much more than commissioning content to third parties. All aspects of the decision must be guided by business criteria.

    Define your content strategy

    The first step in any content marketing plan is the creation of a comprehensive strategy. This means analyzing what your needs are and how you can meet them. You will also need to assess internal resources and their capabilities. This way you can determine which aspects of the work should be outsourced.

    Set your goals


    Precisely define your goals for your content marketing strategy. You can use it to reach new customers, increase sales or boost brand awareness. Each of these goals may require different actions.

    For example, to gain leads, you can use forms or subscriptions to feed your database. This usually involves downloading extended content such as technical manuals or e-books. News, research articles and educational material can also attract organic traffic to your site. Setting clear goals will help you design an executable action plan that will guide your marketing efforts.

    Define your audience


    Your content strategy should be designed based on your target audience. Define the profile of your audience, including a detailed account of their requests and needs. Demographic data is insufficient to understand how your product or service can satisfy them. An accurate description of the buyer persona will help you create useful content that will stimulate interest and boost your business.

    Evaluate return on investment

    Once you have planned your content strategy, you must evaluate the in-house capacity of your enterprise. This will allow you to determine which tasks you should outsource. Think in terms of labor hours and productivity. You probably already have experts on your team, but they may find it difficult to write articles or generate new content. Their time and skills can be put to more efficient use with other tasks.

    On the other hand, you should also consider the risks of sharing confidential information. When hiring a third party, you must provide them with information about your product or company. As far as possible, prevent the handling of sensitive information by people outside the company. Another action to consider is to protect your interests by drafting a confidentiality agreement to be signed by the involved parties.

    Create a list of content topics

    Organize your content strategy around topics or keywords. Make a list of at least 10 keywords and research additional relevant terms. Prioritize these topics based on your goals and channels. Research what your competitors use and try to position yourself to achieve the first rankings.

    It is also advisable to perform a Google search to determine the frequently asked questions related to these topics. Your collaborators can also suggest other interesting content related to your business. Tools such as Google AdWords and Quora can help you define your keywords.

    Create a content calendar

    Your marketing strategy should specify the frequency of content publication, topics, formats and channels. With this information, you should establish a calendar. Ideally, the specific objectives of each activity should be included.

    Set a deadline for receiving outsourced content writing. Consider asking your contributors for a first draft a week before the publication date. This will give you time to review it and make any necessary adjustments. This is particularly important when working with a new content writer.

    Determine your budget

    The implementation of the content strategy in an action plan will allow you to know precisely what kind of pieces you need. Determine your investment amount according to the content and its features. This will serve as the basis for selecting and negotiating with the expert content writing service you hire.

    Keep in mind that the complexity of the topics, research or production time required will impact the cost of the content. You may also be able to negotiate discounts based on volume or length of contract.

    Select the right talent for your content

    First, you should decide whether to hire an agency or a freelance writer. Quality content writing services companies are usually a better option when you need content in different formats. In addition, they can cover a wider range of topics and always bring fresh perspectives. Since they usually work with several editors, monotony can be avoided; the editors will also be able to update and modify the topics.

    Make a complete and detailed briefing

    The time you spend on developing a solid and accurate briefing will be gained in quality content. Be sure to outline your goals, audience and technical requirements. Among other things, you should mention:
    • The specific objective of this content
    • Keywords and the semantic nucleus to which they refer
    • Competitors and references to avoid
    • Examples of pieces related to the content you want
    • Description of the audience and their needs

    Create a style guide

    A style guide can save you a lot of headaches as well as time and improve the quality. It serves as a guide to maintain consistency across all your content and will unify your brand voice. It should specify information about preferred grammar, structure, punctuation, tone and language.

    To make sure your guide is complete, answer these questions in the instructions:
    • How long should the content be?
    • Is it necessary to include images? What type? In what format? How many?
    • What is the tone of the writing?
    • Should links be included? Internal or external? How many of each type?
    • Should statistics or quotes from experts be added?
    • Should examples of sources of authority in the relevant industry or category be cited?

    The style guide will allow you to outsource content creation without sacrificing the quality or image of your company. Any experienced copywriter will be able to create content that meets your needs and fits your brand personality.

    Provide the third party with the resources they need

    Whether you hire an expert content writing service or a writer, you must provide them with the input they need to do their job. Make sure the partner has all necessary supporting materials, technical documents or information about your product or service. Provide them with the contacts of experts in the field or other employees in your company who can answer their questions. Point out reliable sources and give examples of previous content.

    Review the parts and request corrections as needed

    It is very likely that the first jobs you outsource will require some adjustments. This is perfectly understandable, as there is a coupling process between your brand and the collaborators. Build these times into your schedule and offer constructive and specific feedback. Mention concrete examples of what you expect and give practical guidance on how to approach topics and style as well.

    Track results

    Success metrics should be defined in your content strategy. Evaluate the results of the published content with tools such as Google Analytics. Make sure you make meaningful measurements for your business goals. Avoid generic and irrelevant analysis.

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