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All You Need to Know About Lead Generation Content for the Legal Technology Sector

All You Need to Know About Lead Generation Content for the Legal Technology Sector
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    Legal technology investments are experiencing continuous annual growth. In 2019, they exceeded 1.2 billion in the third quarter, which is a 20% increase from the total growth in 2018. In the United States, for example, 70% of law firms claimed that technology investment is a top priority. Given this, marketing using techniques such as lead generation content becomes all the more important for an industry on the rise.

    However, the legal technology industry is hardly an easy sector to approach. Because of its particular characteristics, law firms are known to be difficult to persuade. It is a notably highly competitive and risk-averse environment. The sector also does not behave like a conventional industry, as there is little collaboration and trust among its members.

    Moreover, individuals active in the legal sector are accustomed to questioning arguments. As a content marketing provider, it is your job to clear up all your potential customer’s concerns and objections which may likely be numerous.

    This is why the marketing focus of legal technology companies has changed radically. Today, efforts are concentrated on online activities and inbound sales attention. This means, it has become extremely necessary to develop lead generation content for their relevant marketing strategies.


    The role of lead generation content in legal technology sales

    A cold calling sales strategy can be counterproductive. The audience in this industry is proactive and prefers to look for online solutions that meet their interests. In large part, their aloofness is due to the saturation of offers from legal technology providers. Your potential customer in the legal technology industry does not have the time or patience to listen to the benefits of your product. They are looking for solutions not sales pitches.

    In this sense, lead generation content serves a dual purpose to drive traffic to your website and convince visitors to share their data.

    SEO ranking is the first step in making your brand visible and reaching your audience. Lead generation content must be easily accessible to your prospects, otherwise it will go unnoticed. Since legal technology businesses currently rely on inbound sales, it is necessary that you strengthen these aspects.


    Using content to generate leads

    Lead generation content should be developed strategically. Your publications should respond to clearly defined objectives and timelines. Outline the specific actions you expect your audience to take and provide compelling reasons to motivate them to these actions. This involves a prior analysis of your potential customers. You must be familiar with their needs and offer valuable solutions.

    Some of the most common formats for content marketing include:

    • Creation of lead generation content in the form of e-books or other resources which can be downloaded from your website. Ask users to complete a form with their contact information to receive these materials.
    • Distribution of electronic newsletters to mailing lists of potential customers.
    • Making calls to action on social networks that invite potential customers to contact your company. For example, you can invite them to participate in surveys or answer questionnaires which will redirect traffic to your website.

    Whatever format you choose, it is crucial that your lead generation content demonstrates your understanding of your audience. That is, it must reflect their needs, desires and motivations and establish a connection with them. Moreover, the information provided should be relevant and tailored to the specific characteristics of the target audience. Consider using statistical data or reports that demonstrate your knowledge and experience in the industry. It is essential that you also pay attention to the quality of the content created. Poor quality content is often ignored.


    Lead generation content and sales follow-up

    Once you have gathered information through lead generation content, you still need to work on closing the sale. Your team must be involved in the process and be able to continue the conversation with customers. Think of this as a feedback loop.

    Your audience has provided their data because they are interested in the content and want more of this information. If your sales representatives don’t provide value and provide a promotional message, they have wasted your time and capital. Leverage every contact with potential customers to get to know them better and identify their needs and interests.

    Lead generation content is the means to build a relationship that should be nurtured with every interaction. Both initiatives should point in the same direction and help the customer move through the sales funnel.


    5 reasons to use lead generation content in your legal technology business

    Lead generation content will help you boost your legal technology business. Below we expound on the main advantages of applying this strategy to optimize your results. We present 5 compelling reasons you should consider.


    1. Increase brand awareness

    In order to achieve inbound sales, it is imperative that your potential customers recognize and know your brand. Moreover, you should strive to build a positive reputation and position yourself as an authority in your industry. This way, you will be in the forefront of your target audience’s minds and be their first choice when they are ready to convert.


    2. Know your audience better

    Interactive lead generation content allows you to gather additional information from your audience. As you learn more about your audience, you can develop tailored proposals that meet their needs. You will also be able to identify new marketing opportunities and improve your connection with potential customers.


    3. Generate quality leads

    Consider lead generation content a tool to reach your targeted audiences. People who respond to your posts are in the consideration phase. This means the chances of conversion are much higher. At this point, it is critical to produce quality content to hold their interest through to the final stage in their journey and afterwards.


    4. Speed up conversions

    The legal technology marketing process is often slow. But, when you target the right audience, you can shorten the time to conversions. Your sales team will be able to focus on following up with high-potential customers and getting better results. Use lead generation content to cut down on cold calling efforts and generic emails. Keep in mind that these often create sales friction and deter buyers.


    5. Track and measure results

    For many legal technology companies, it is difficult to establish success metrics, as results are hard to measure. Analyzing the effectiveness of conventional sales activities is confusing, as they tend to overlap. Lead generation content is a comprehensive strategy, responding to clear and easily quantifiable objectives. Ultimately, this translates into better budget control and a more rational use of resources.

    Review your content marketing strategy and how it uses lead generation content with respect to these 5 reasons. Consider how you can improve these aspects to create better lead generation content and ultimately see your legal technology business grow.

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