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The Link Building Statistics You Need to Know in 2022

The Link Building Statistics You Need to Know in 2022
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    Link building is vital to search engine optimization, as it attracts quality traffic and boosts brand image. But not all links work the same way. It is necessary that you create valuable relationships that bring reliability and relevance to your site. In this sense, it is better to have a single authoritative link than many insignificant links.

    Because the world of SEO is constantly changing, the rules of the game are also in flux. Knowledge of them will improve your rankings and attain better links. Below are the five most relevant statistics for link building in 2022:

    59% of users believe that link building will become increasingly important

    Link building is one of the most important parameters for ranking well in search engines. Indeed, it is almost impossible to rank high for a competitive keyword if your content does not contain links. This is a well-known fact among marketing specialists.

    To verify this, the average number of links on the first page of Google results were considered. According to the researchers, these have 3.8 times more links than the results appearing on pages 2 to 10.

    Although algorithms are constantly changing, there is no indication that this criterion will change. This is why, in a recent study, 33.84% of respondents claim that the relevance of links will remain the same. Moreover, 59% of respondents believe that its impact will increase in the coming years.

    The power of links lies in their social proof. The quality of a page’s content is a key factor in obtaining trustworthy links. When an authority site in your niche links to your page, search engines understand that your content is valuable. Consequently, they will rank you higher.

    It is advisable to work on link building from the very beginning. As competition increases, the difficulty and cost of acquiring new links also rise.

    63% of companies outsource the construction of links

    In 2020, Semrush conducted an extensive survey of 850 SEO specialists and business owners. They found that, regardless of their level of expertise, 63% of respondents outsourced link building in whole or in part.

    Outsourcing is understandable, and even advisable, in view of the difficulty that this task entails. Link building requires time and resources. If handling this task internally, consider investing in tools such as Ahrefs or Buzzstream, for example. In addition, quality content is expected that also ensures the scalability of the project.

    On the other hand, link building is a full-time job. It is not only necessary to search for and compile a list of potential websites, but these search results must be constantly updated. They also need to be analyzed to find what may be of interest and how best to contact the relevant administrators. Be aware that cold communications are not very effective. Finally, you will also have to monitor links and replace deleted links.

    In contrast, when you outsource to a link building agency, your costs are predictable and scalable. You can start with a modest budget and increase it as your needs grow. Outsourcing also enables you to achieve your goals more quickly because you don’t have to start from scratch. You benefit from the service provider’s relationships and expertise.

    Link building is one of the biggest SEO challenges for 65% of specialists

    SEO specialists are constantly updating their knowledge and expertise due to the continuous change in search engine algorithms. In this regard, link weighting has been one of the most demanding issues. While, the quantity of links was initially the most important factor, Google now places predominant value on the quality and relevance of links. It is therefore not surprising that 65% of specialists consider link building to be the most complex SEO task.

    Nevertheless, the effort is well worth it as its ROI is very favorable. Furthermore, as with everything in business, the more you invest, the better results you will obtain.

    It is paradoxical, therefore, that 53% of companies allocate only 25% of their marketing budget, or even less, to link building.

    It seems as though these companies are unaware that this SEO tactic contributes the most to maintaining rankings. Other strategies may achieve faster growth, but their effect is usually short-lived.

    94% of blogs lack external links

    A good link building strategy involves both internal links to your site and external links. A robust internal structure becomes ineffective if it is not complemented by third party links. This part of the task is often overlooked.

    Some research indicates that 94% of blog posts lack external linking. This is a striking figure, considering the value that this criterion has for search engines.

    Why does this happen? Basically, because securing links is very difficult. Competition is fierce, as every day there is more online content, making it harder to differentiate yourself. WordPress, for example, experienced a growth of more than 45% in the volume of publications between 2016 and 2018. So, it would be a mistake to neglect the quality and frequency of content creation for your website.

    Long-form content receives 77.2% more links than short-form posts

    The ideal length of content is a controversial issue. Some believe that, at 1,000 words or more, there is almost no difference in the ranking of publications. However, a MOZ analysis provides evidence that contradicts these claims.

    Although longer content may be shared less, it is often more effective for link building. On average, posts of 3,000 words or more receive 77.2% more external links than posts of 1,000 words.

    One possible explanation points to the fact that the in-depth development of topics create an opportunity to better satisfy the user’s search intentions.

    Because it addresses topics in more depth, long-form content is better able to satisfy the user’s search intentions. Consequently, this form is more likely to be highly rated by reference sites because, obviously, it’s not just about quantity but, above all, about quality.

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